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abbyy-cloud 0.0.10

HTTP client to ABBYY Cloud API

9,761 下载


An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

16,006 下载


An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

21,863 下载


An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

22,092 下载


An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

20,176 下载

abcd 0.0.0

A simple hello world gem

8,431 下载

abcde-atthemovies 0.0.7

Scraper for

5,084 下载

abcde-at-the-movies 0.1.0

Scraper for

2,918 下载

abcde-configarrr 0.1.0

Actually it's not. It's just a way of handling configuration.

2,888 下载

abcde-sappy 0.1.1

A wrapper for the SiteUptime API

5,245 下载


An easy-to-use, easy-to-extend CMS.

17,121 下载

a-b-chi 2.0.0

A convenient gem that will allow you to sort arrays and activerecord relations without ...

17,654 下载

abcing 0.0.3

Find classes mentioned in your application but not in your test suite.

6,218 下载

abcjs-rails 3.0.1

Delivery of the abcjs javascript library.

50,760 下载

ABCLogger 0.0.2

Ruby class for logging to stdout, stderr, or a file.

5,341 下载

abcrunch 0.0.5

The idea behind Ab Crunch is that basic performance metrics and standards should be eff...

17,744 下载

abctools 1.0

Collection some utilities for rubyer

1,970 下载

abcxyz 0.0.0

This is new gem

171 下载

abdesign 0.0.0

Use this to integrate with ABDesign

3,237 下载

abdi_view_tool 0.1.0


740 下载

abebooks 1.0.0

A Ruby wrapper to the Abebooks SWS API

3,982 下载

abebooks4r 0.1.0

Abebooks is a service to buy and sell new and used books online. abebooks4r provides h...

9,775 下载


more thorough implementation of == than in stdlib

9,953 下载

abelard 0.0.2

Persist blogs and similar web content as sharable git repositories

675 下载

abenity_ruby 1.0.1

A Ruby library for using the Abenity API.

459 下载

abenla-ruby 1.1.0

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

790 下载

aberant-osc-ruby 0.2.0

inital gem

7,602 下载

aberant-tuio-ruby 0.2.1

library to interface with TUIO protocol

12,390 下载

ab-experiments-rails 0.0.3

The ab-experiments-rails is wrap for google ab experiments. Work with partials instead ...

2,321 下载

abgabenrechner 0.3.3

abgabenrechner.gem ist ein wrapper für diese api

76,301 下载