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abdi_view_tool 0.1.0


1,111 下载

abebooks 1.0.0

A Ruby wrapper to the Abebooks SWS API

4,727 下载

abebooks4r 0.1.0

Abebooks is a service to buy and sell new and used books online. abebooks4r provides h...

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more thorough implementation of == than in stdlib

10,324 下载

abelard 0.0.2

Persist blogs and similar web content as sharable git repositories

1,042 下载

abenity_ruby 1.0.3

A Ruby library for using the Abenity API.

2,202 下载

abenla-ruby 1.1.0

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

1,453 下载

aberant-osc-ruby 0.2.0

inital gem

8,493 下载

aberant-tuio-ruby 0.2.1

library to interface with TUIO protocol

13,729 下载

abes_game 1.0.0

Welcome to my first Ruby gem. In this game, players compete for the highest score by ro...

477 下载

ab-experiments-rails 0.0.3

The ab-experiments-rails is wrap for google ab experiments. Work with partials instead ...

3,180 下载

abgabenrechner 0.3.3

abgabenrechner.gem ist ein wrapper für diese api

78,693 下载

abhay-calais 0.0.8

A Ruby interface to the Calais Web Service

5,695 下载

abhay-typhoeus 0.0.22

A library for interacting with web services (and building SOAs) at blinding speed.

3,234 下载

abhi11first 0.0.1

hey this is my first gem

2,570 下载

abhi-contacts 1.0.0

A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including...

9,433 下载

abhishek_portfolio_view_tool 0.1.0

Provide generated HTML data for rails application.

383 下载

abhiyerra-jruby-memcache-client 1.5.0

A drop in replacement for Ruby's memcache-client.

3,254 下载

abhiyerra-refacebook 0.4.10

ReFacebook is a facebook library and Sinatra extension.

32,056 下载

abi 0.1.0

This is a jekyll theme built for AbiMusic.

1,294 下载

abid 0.2.8

Abid is a simple Workflow Engine based on Rake.

18,740 下载

abide 0.0.3

Prints a nice lebascii text on screen

16,404 下载

ABIF 0.0.1

ABIF file format reader/parse/plotter.

4,220 下载

abilities 5.1.2

Authorization dsl to manage permissions in rails.

19,979 下载

ability_engine 0.0.2

Exposes CanCan's current_ability object as json through a rails engine controller

17,026 下载

ability_list 0.0.4

A very simple way to manage permissions. Works with any ORM.

8,194 下载

ability_list-cj 0.0.2

A very simple way to manage permissions. Works with any ORM.

2,873 下载

abingo 2.0.2

A split testing framework for Rails 3.x.x

23,787 下载

abingo_port 0.1.0

Incorperate AB Testing into your rails apps

10,381 下载

abiquo 0.1.2

Abiquo API client

18,804 下载