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abhay-calais 0.0.8

A Ruby interface to the Calais Web Service

5,093 下载

abhay-typhoeus 0.0.22

A library for interacting with web services (and building SOAs) at blinding speed.

2,870 下载

abhi11first 0.0.1

hey this is my first gem

2,148 下载

abhi-contacts 1.0.0

A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including...

8,963 下载

abhiyerra-jruby-memcache-client 1.5.0

A drop in replacement for Ruby's memcache-client.

2,885 下载

abhiyerra-refacebook 0.4.10

ReFacebook is a facebook library and Sinatra extension.

29,125 下载

abi 0.1.0

This is a jekyll theme built for AbiMusic.

927 下载

abid 0.2.8

Abid is a simple Workflow Engine based on Rake.

15,022 下载

abide 0.0.3

Prints a nice lebascii text on screen

15,804 下载

ABIF 0.0.1

ABIF file format reader/parse/plotter.

3,820 下载

abilities 5.1.2

Authorization dsl to manage permissions in rails.

17,002 下载

ability_engine 0.0.2

Exposes CanCan's current_ability object as json through a rails engine controller

16,390 下载

ability_list 0.0.4

A very simple way to manage permissions. Works with any ORM.

7,170 下载

ability_list-cj 0.0.2

A very simple way to manage permissions. Works with any ORM.

2,513 下载

abingo 2.0.2

A split testing framework for Rails 3.x.x

22,659 下载

abingo_port 0.1.0

Incorperate AB Testing into your rails apps

10,001 下载

abiquo 0.1.2

Abiquo API client

18,173 下载

abiquo-api 0.1.3

Simple Abiquo API client

16,251 下载

abiquo-chef-agent 2.0.11

Abiquo Chef Agent

87,214 下载

abiquo-etk 0.6.4

Tools to troubleshoot and manage your Abiquo installation

200,939 下载

abiquo-installer-tests 20121026.1

Tests and troubleshoot Abiquo installations

60,714 下载

abjad 0.1.0

Abjad character number convertor

1,856 下载

abject 0.0.1

Abject provides a snappy DSL to make Abject-O a reality!

2,917 下载

ablab 0.4.2

Ablab - A/B testing on Rails

26,020 下载

ablab-core 0.2.1

Ablab - A/B testing library

1,593 下载

able 0.1.6

Here you can find some concern methods you use almost in each one project.

7,080 下载

able_git_hooks 0.12.0

Adds scripts in .git/hooks to call scripts in the root hooks directory

1,478 下载

able-neo4j 1.0.0

This gem is a logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

2,277 下载

ablerc 0.2.1

Provides cascading configuration files and helpers for generating configuration stubs.

17,774 下载

ably 1.0.7

A Ruby client library for realtime messaging

71,024 下载