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ab_my_string_extend 0.0.1

descrizione di prova

2,018 下载

abn 2.1.1

a (very) small library for working with Australian Business Numbers.

58,081 下载

abnc 0.1.0

Shifty support for tools based on IETF's ABNF

3,127 下载

abnf 0.0.1

An Augmented Backus Naur form parser in Ruby.

7,857 下载

abnf-parser 0.9.2

abnf-parser allows you to compile ABNF (Augmented Backus-Naur Form) into rule lists tha...

6,675 下载

abnf-parsing 0.2.2

A Ruby library for implementing parsers specified with Augmented Backus Naur Form (ABNF).

23,041 下载

abnormal 0.0.0

Ruby A/B testing

8,736 下载

abn_search 0.0.9

A simple ABN search library for validating and obtaining ABN details from the Australia...

40,940 下载

abn_validator 0.1.0

Rails validator for Australian Business Numbers

2,843 下载

ABO 0.0.2

RUBY ABO banking format library

10,089 下载

aboardly 0.2

IFTTT for automated customer emailing

3,656 下载

aboie 0.9.0

A gem for facebook messanger api

1,772 下载

aboisvert_aws 3.0.1

== DESCRIPTION: The RightScale AWS gems have been designed to provide a robust, fast, ...

18,318 下载

abokifx_indexer 0.1.3

Ruby Wrapper to get NGN rates from

2,535 下载

abongo 1.0.8

Ruby A/B testing on MongoDB

73,119 下载

abort_if 0.2.0

Easy error logging and assertions..

5,327 下载

about 0.1.0

about - sys info (system information) about your computer, environment, runtime, libs, ...

8,133 下载

about_p 0.0.4

Fuzzy string searching at about p

12,856 下载

about_page 0.3.1

Description of AboutPage.

78,058 下载

about_pos 2.0.0

Whenever I loop through an array, there are times I wish I could know what comes be...

9,111 下载

about_yml 0.0.10

The .about.yml mechanism allows an project to publish and maintain metadata that can be...

16,615 下载

aboutyou-sdk 0.0.32

Use the Ruby SDK to build apps for the ABOUT YOU platform.

64,209 下载

ab_panel 0.4.2

Run A/B test experiments on your Rails 4+ site using Mixpanel as a backend.

56,116 下载

a_b_plugin 0.1.0

Talk to a_b from your Rails or Sinatra app

10,226 下载

abprof 0.2.3

Determine which of two program variants is faster, using A/B-Testing-style statistical ...

4,181 下载

abr 0.1.8

multiple request ab(apache bench)

385 下载

abra 1.0.2

Abra is a Ruby tool to parse Android APK information.

3,446 下载

abracadabra 1.2.0

Abracadabra: The gem that swaps out text with a fully-compliant Rails form in one click...

44,436 下载

abraebare 0.0.1


2,198 下载

abraham 1.3

Trackable application tours for Rails with i18n support, based on Shepherd.js.

6,586 下载