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aws_stack_builder 0.1.0

Gem to create the cloud formation files do create the ROR app stack on AWS

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aws_status 1.0.3

Retrieve status of aws services

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aws_student_accounts 0.2.0

Manage student AWS accounts in bulk

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aws-study-guide 0.0.1

A helpful gem for gathering resources for studying for AWS certfication.

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aws_su 0.1.8

Developed for a specific use case: User has an AWS id in a master account and wants to ...

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awssume 1.0.1

This is a gem for assuming an AWS IAM role and using the returned temporary credentials...

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aws-swf 0.1.8

light framework for creating AWS Simple Workflow applications in Ruby.

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aws-tasks 0.1.0

AWS helper tasks for DB and such

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aws_test_dump 0.2.0

simple script for dumping and restoring aws test data for local testing

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aws_tickwork 1.0.2

A scheduling utility dirven by Cloudwatch Events, via SNS, to Rails using Tickwork as t...

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awstool 0.2.3

This will launch new instances, set up dns via route53, install puppet, and set facts.

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awstools 0.0.1

Right now, only snapshots.rb, creates and deletes snapshots

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aws_tools 0.0.2

A library to help simplify common AWS tasks.

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aws-tools 0.0.5

This package is intended to simplify the interface to the aws sdk for ruby.

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aws_tracker 0.0.4

This gem DEPRECATED - see the cloud_cost_tracker gem

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aws-transcoder-rails 0.0.1

AWS Elastic Transcoder Rails Library

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awsudo 2.0.0

awsudo enables users to execute commands that make API calls to AWS under the security ...

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awsum 0.5.4

A library for working with Amazon Web Services in the most natural rubyish way

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aws_upload 0.0.1

This gem offers a helper method to build a form HTML to upload directry to Amazon S3 st...

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aws-url 0.2.0

A minimum-viable URL builder for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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awsutils 2.2.2

A set of tools for interacting with AWS

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aws-utils 1.1.9

A collection of utilities for use on AWS

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aws-vpccreate 0.0.1

AWS VPC object creator

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aws-vpc-manager 0.0.0


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aws-watcher 0.3.1

AWS Watcher tracks EC2 instances being started to ensure they bootstrap to chef

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aws-whitepaper-downloader 0.1.3

Downloading all aws whitepapers by 1 command

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aws-xray 0.37.1

The unofficial X-Ray Tracing SDK for Ruby.

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aws-xray-sdk 0.11.1

The AWS X-Ray SDK for Ruby enables Ruby developers to record and emit information from ...

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aws_xregion_sync 0.1

Sync EC2 AMIs and RDS Snapshots across AWS regions as part of your Disaster Recovery pl...

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awt 0.0.3

Awt is cli tool for system administration.

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