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aasm_ohm_persistence 0.0.1

Persistence adapter to use AASM with Ohm

28,736 下載

aasm_progressable 1.0.1

Progress indicators for linear AASM workflows

6,448 下載

aasm_statecharts 1.0.1

Generate UML-style state charts from AASM state machines

6,600 下載

aastdlib 0.0.3

Extensions to the Ruby Standard Library

1,225 下載

aastra_xml_api 1.1.4

Gemified version of Carlton O'Riley's Aastra XML Ruby Port

17,677 下載

aavimeodl 0.2.2

Downloads private App Academy videos from Vimeo

2,090 下載

aa-vimeo-downloader 0.0.2

A script that wraps around youtube-dl to download private App Academy videos

1,513 下載

aavkontakte 0.1.3

Another authlogic vkontakte

36,574 下載

aavkontakte-rails3 0.1.9

Vkontakte authorization for authlogic with ruby 1.9 and rails 3.0

51,249 下載

aaww 0.1.0

A simple Authentise API Wrapper using HTTParty

6,976 下載

ab 0.0.2

Basic AB testing gem

17,950 下載

a_b 0.1.1

A/B test data aggregator as a Sinatra web service

19,130 下載

aba 0.4.0

ABA (Australian Bankers Association) File Generator

39,874 下載

abaci 0.3.0

Collect stats on events, activities and behaviors across time in Ruby with a Redis back...

17,315 下載

abaco 1.0.1

Abaco is a gem for converting numbers into Italian words.

7,086 下載

abacos 0.1.0

Ruby API to Abacos

5,010 下載

abacus 0.0.1

Abacus is an xdxf parser and semantic toolset for Ruby.

8,468 下載

abacus_count 0.0.1

ActiveRecord::Base#count and other calculations as subqueries. Instead of nice Rails gr...

37,605 下載

abaddon 0.0.3

A gem that helps creating project templates.

26,184 下載

ab_admin 0.8.2

Simple and real-life tested Rails::Engine admin interface

113,234 下載

abak-flow 1.1.1

Простой набор правил и комманд, заточеных для работы в git-flow с использование в качес...

131,183 下載

abak-selenium-integration 1.0.6

Integration gem for test automatisation based on page-object

2,096 下載

abalone 0.4.2

Simply exposes a login shell to a web browser. This is currently nowhere near to pr...

16,563 下載

abanalyzer 1.0.0

A/B test analysis library for Ruby

122,350 下載

aba_numbers 0.0.1

Get a list of Federal Reserve E-Payments Routing Directory

8,430 下載

abb 0.0.2

Generate abbreviations from words

13,059 下載

abba 0.1.0

Bayesian A/B Testing

1,121 下載

abbey 0.1.3

Primitive JSON data store. Key-value structure with namespaces.

29,374 下載

abbish_sequel_plugins 0.0.6

For more detail please visit

10,789 下載

abBleGatewaySdk 0.0.0

ab ble gateway

928 下載