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  1. 1,888 downloads
    antonio (1.0.0) There's rapists out there. Use Antonio to quickly hide files and directories from the command line.
  2. 56 downloads
    antra (0.0.1.pre.init) Antra is a Ruby-Application to analyse money-transactions on your local machine.
  3. 4,723 downloads
    antsy (0.0.7) utility functions for ansible modules
  4. 4,419 downloads
    anttrap (0.03) A tiny Gem that can generate an Apache Ant build file from a Rakefile. This allows for a develope...
  5. 306 downloads
    ant_tsp (0.0.1) ant to solve travelling salesman
  6. 44,222 downloads
    Antwrap (0.7.0) A Ruby module that wraps the Apache Ant build tool. Antwrap can be used to invoke Ant Tasks from ...
  7. 272 downloads
    anu-ldap (0.4.2) A Ruby library for querying the ANU LDAP server.
  8. 6,808 downloads
    anveo-ec2ssh (0.2.1) Since ec2 instance public hostnames are dynamic, and not easy to remember or type, this script pr...
  9. 607 downloads
    AnVH (0.0.1) Making the world become better
  10. 2,396 downloads
    anvil (0.0.1) A collection of DSL's and frameworks that take full advantage of Ruby's powerful syntax
  11. 86,025 downloads
    anvil-cli (0.16.1) Alternate Heroku build workflow
  12. 195 downloads
    anvil-core (0.0.1.pre.alpha.3) Anvil is a tool for building tools.
  13. 1,571 downloads
    anvisa-bot (0.2.3) Pesquisa de produtos para sa├║de registrados
  14. 11,796 downloads
    anvl (0.3.0) Ruby ANVL implementation
  15. 4,224 downloads
    any (0.0.2) Super easy way to get any model instance from an Active Record model.
  16. 5,743 downloads
    any2html (0.0.5) Open textfiles formatted in various markup syntax in browser
  17. 30,426 downloads
    anybase (0.0.14) Numbers from anybase to anybase
  18. 4,612 downloads
    anychart_helpers (0.2.0) AnyChart will build the necessary XML files and some helpers to support some AnyChart charts
  19. 1,906 downloads
    any_chart_proxy (0.1.1) Any Chart file proxy
  20. 19,241 downloads
    anychart_xml_builder (0.0.12) This gem provides you the methods to easily generate the XML necessary for AnyChart
  21. 5,971 downloads
    any_data (0.1.2) Small helper which provides and IO like ruby's DATA for $0, but for any file.
  22. 1,959 downloads
    Anyhub (0.0.0) An object oriented Ruby interface to Anyhub, a file storage service by Charlie Sommerville. An An...
  23. 5,818 downloads
    anyplayer (1.1.3) Play/pause/skip songs in iTunes Mac, iTunes Windows, Spotify Mac, Rdio Mac, MPD, Rhythmbox, Amaro...
  24. 1,740 downloads
    anypow (0.0.3) Pow for any language
  25. 5,019 downloads
    any-spec (0.1.0) AnySpec is a framework for writing executable language specifications and automated black-box fun...
  26. 19,056 downloads
    anystyle-parser (0.6.2) A sophisticated parser for academic reference lists and bibliographies based on machine learning ...
  27. 2,117 downloads
    anything (0.0.1) An object that matches anything. May be useful for pattern matching in case statements.
  28. 591 downloads
    anything-gorepo (0.0.5) Find local go repositories in $GOPATH by anything interface.
  29. 794 downloads
    anything-hub (0.0.1) Anything interface for github
  30. 336 downloads
    anything-slider (0.0.1) This is a personal gem to add anything slider efect in rails application