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  1. 20,786 downloads
    armot (0.4.0) translation support for your models with an I18n active-record backend
  2. 12,427 downloads
    armstrong (0.4.5) Armstrong is an Mongrel2 fronted, actor-based web development framework similar in style to sinat...
  3. 24,332 downloads
    ar-multidb (0.1.13) Multidb is an ActiveRecord extension for switching between multiple database connections, such as...
  4. 6,494 downloads
    army-negative (3.1.0) When this gem is loaded and activated inside your rails app, your MySQL connection adapter for Ac...
  5. 46,291 downloads
    ar_mysql_flexmaster (0.4.4) ar_mysql_flexmaster allows configuring N mysql servers in database.yml and auto-selects which is ...
  6. 464 downloads
    arnaldo (0.1) Get random proverbs from
  7. 212 downloads
    arndtjenssen-picothumbs (0.1.1) Allows easy access to the web thumbnail service of
  8. 418 downloads
    arnebrasseur-compass ( Sass-Based CSS Meta-Framework. Semantic, Maintainable CSS.
  9. 214 downloads
    arnebrasseur-pinyin (0.1.5) Pinyin can convert between various systems for phonetically writing Mandarin Chinese. It can also...
  10. 992 downloads
    arnold (0.0.1) This is the start of a Puppet provisioning system. It provides a graphical web service, a JS...
  11. 442 downloads
    arnoldc.rb (1.0.0) arnoldc Ruby implementation
  12. 161,274 downloads
    ar-octopus (0.8.4) This gem allows you to use sharded databases with ActiveRecord. This also provides a interface fo...
  13. 2,253 downloads
    ar_oo_select (0.5.0) A little gem that lets you execute lower-level ActiveRecord queries and access the resulting rows...
  14. 8,000 downloads
    ar_openid_store (0.0.1) Merb plugin that provides ...
  15. 2,101 downloads
    ar_orderable (0.1.0) ar_orderable adds a consistent way to order results at database level using ActiveRecord. Support...
  16. 8,577 downloads
    ar-orderable (1.0.6) You can order AR records and skip callbacks
  17. 2,173 downloads
    around (0.0.1) Redefine existing methods while calling their previous version by another name. No boilerplate ne...
  18. 3,273 downloads
    ar_outer_joins (0.2.0) Adds the missing outer_joins method to ActiveRecord
  19. 1,222 downloads
    arow (0.0.1) A pure ruby implementation of the AROW
  20. 550 downloads
    arp (0.0.1) Retrieve the content of the ARP cache
  21. 2,180 downloads
    arperftoolkit_base (0.0.1) ActiveRecord enhancements to optimize queries and insertion functionality. Includes support for f...
  22. 61,384 downloads
    ar_pg_array (0.11.2) ar_pg_array includes support of PostgreSQL's int[], float[], text[], timestamptz[] etc. into Acti...
  23. 13,801 downloads
    arpie (0.1.0) Toolkit for handling binary data, network protocols, file formats, and similar
  24. 214 downloads
    arpitjain11-ec2onrails (0.9.10) Client-side libraries (Capistrano tasks) for managing and deploying to EC2 on Rails servers.
  25. 417 downloads
    arpitjain11-rubycas-server ( Provides single sign-on authentication for web applications using the CAS protocol.
  26. 372 downloads
    arpm (0.9.0) Keep your libraries in shape
  27. 2,242 downloads
    arpoon ( ARP changes reporting daemon, can be used to protect against spoofing.
  28. 964 downloads
    ar-postgis (0.7.1) This is an ActiveRecord connection adapter for PostGIS. It is based on the stock PostgreSQL adapt...
  29. 2,823 downloads
    ar_properties (0.0.2) This gem turns off schema introspection in favor of declaring properties in your models. ...
  30. 992 downloads
    ar_protobuf_store (0.2.1) Like Ar::Store, but with Protocol Buffers