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  1. 2,172 downloads
    alexrabarts-big_sitemap (0.5.1) A Sitemap generator specifically designed for large sites (although it works equally well with sm...
  2. 992 downloads
    alexrabarts-iso_country_codes (0.2.2) ISO country code and currency library
  3. 203 downloads
    alexrabarts-IsoCountryCodes (0.1.1) Provides ISO codes and names for countries.
  4. 965 downloads
    alexrabarts-term_extraction (0.1.4) Term extraction library
  5. 1,007 downloads
    alexrabarts-tld (0.6.0) Top-level domain library
  6. 1,809 downloads
    alexrevin-aasm_numerical (2.3.1) AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby objects.
  7. 2,570 downloads
    alex-rkelly (1.0.6) The RKelly library will parse JavaScript and return a parse tree.
  8. 1,420 downloads
    alexrothenberg-legacy_data (0.0.11) Create ActiveRecord models from an existing database
  9. 202 downloads
    alexrothenberg-metric_fu (1.0.2) Code metrics from Flog, Flay, RCov, Saikuro, Churn, Reek, Roodi and Rails' stats task
  10. 4,674 downloads
    alex-sinatra_warden ( basic helpers and authentication methods for using warden with sinatra also providing some hooks ...
  11. 407 downloads
    alexvollmer-clip (1.0.0) You like command-line parsing, but you hate all of the bloat. Why should you have to create a Has...
  12. 468 downloads
    alexvollmer-daemon-spawn (0.2.0) Daemon launching and management made dead simple. With daemon-spawn you can start, stop and rest...
  13. 792 downloads
    alexvollmer-httparty (0.4.3) Makes http fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy.
  14. 204 downloads
    alexvollmer-word_salad (0.9.0) == SYNOPSIS:
  15. 207 downloads
    alexyoung-depwhack (0.0.1) depwhack is a tool for comparing local and remote gem dependencies for a Rails project.
  16. 212 downloads
    alexyoung-loom-exceptions-rails-plugin (2.0) Loom is a helpdesk web app which supports exception handling and notifications.
  17. 408 downloads
    alexyoung-rsyncdiff (0.0.2) rsyncdiff is a tool for comparing local and remote code. It displays changes, deletions and diffs.
  18. 22,908 downloads
    alf (0.16.3) Alf brings a beautiful yet powerful relational algebra to the Shell and to Ruby.
  19. 1,337 downloads
    alfa (0.0.8.pre) Alfa CMF
  20. 600 downloads
    al-facebooker ( == DESCRIPTION: Facebooker is a Ruby wrapper over the Facebook[] {REST API}[h...
  21. 710 downloads
    alfalfa (0.1.0) Alfalfa can be used to alphabetize cumbersome gemfiles.
  22. 4,574 downloads
    alf-core (0.16.3) Alf brings the relational algebra both in Shell and in Ruby. In Shell, because manipulating any r...
  23. 2,191 downloads
    alf-doc (0.16.4) This gem provides support for using the formal documentation of Alf.
  24. 2,108 downloads
    alf-rack (0.16.3) This gems provides Rack middleware to use the full power of Alf in web applications.
  25. 6,810 downloads
    alfred (1.0.1) Alfred provides better attr_accessor handling on your application.
  26. 902 downloads
    alfredlite (0.1.0) AlfredLite is a lightweight modular framework for creating Alfred workflows.
  27. 2,989 downloads
    alfredo (0.1.2) Wrapper for Alfred 2's Workflows
  28. 304 downloads
    alfred_rails (0.1.1.alpha) Alfred creates fixture files of your controller responses so you can use them in your tests. Idea...
  29. 36,778 downloads
    alfred-workflow (2.0.5) alfred-workflow is a ruby Gem helper for building [Alfred]( workflow.
  30. 1,427 downloads
    alf-repl (0.16.3) This project provides a Alf-driven web REPL to any database