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  1. 2,683 downloads
    amqp-hermes (1.0.1) Wrapper around ruby-amqp to make pub/sub easier
  2. 7,737 downloads
    amqp_logging (0.5.5) A ruby logger class that logs to an AMQP exchange in addition to your default log device.
  3. 8,936 downloads
    amqp_notifier (0.0.7) AMQP & Qusion helper class
  4. 2,134 downloads
    amqpop (0.0.2) Command line AMQP consumer
  5. 3,617 downloads
    amqp-processing (0.0.2) A server that allows multiple users to view and program a shared Ruby-Processing sketch.
  6. 1,064,031 downloads
    amq-protocol (1.9.2) amq-protocol is an AMQP 0.9.1 serialization library for Ruby. It is not an AMQP client: amq-p...
  7. 43,345 downloads
    amqp-spec (0.3.8) Simple API for writing asynchronous EventMachine and AMQP specs. Runs legacy EM-Spec based exampl...
  8. 13,110 downloads
    amqp-subscribe-many (0.2.2) Codifies best practices and configuration when consuming from multiple AMQP brokers simultaneously
  9. 2,843 downloads
    amqp-tools (0.0.5) command line tools for AMQP/RabbitMQ
  10. 25,063 downloads
    amqp-utils (0.5.1) Command line utilies for interacting with AMQP compliant queues. The intention is provide s...
  11. 250 downloads
    amqurl (0.0.1) AMQP-HTTP compliant curl clone
  12. 1,115 downloads
    amr_google_calendar (0.2.3) A fork of the Google Calendar gem by Steve Zich. The gem is a minimal wrapper around the google c...
  13. 8,244 downloads
    amrita2 (2.0.2) Amrita2 is a a xml/xhtml template library for Ruby
  14. 2,296 downloads
    am-sendgrid (0.1.0) Makes it easy to call the sendgrid SMTP api from ActionMailer
  15. 4,241 downloads
    amulet (0.0.2) Check your current setup before you waste time debugging known issues
  16. 1,204 downloads
    amy (0.3.3) Amy helps us to get a nice web docs, rdoc alike, of our REST API, that we can use as a main refer...
  17. 2,050 downloads
    amzwish (0.0.0) Since you can no longer access wishlists through the Amazon api this gem aims to address this by ...
  18. 5,602 downloads
    an (0.0.3) AN is a simplified client for integration with Authorize.NET.
  19. 3,451 downloads
    ana (0.9.7) A command-line tool for
  20. 1,687 downloads
    anachronism (0.2.0) Anachronism provides a simple Ruby interface to the Telnet protocol.
  21. 9,154 downloads
    anaconda (1.0.5) Dead simple file uploading to S3
  22. 46,054 downloads
    anaf_habtm (0.0.98) accepts_nested_attributes_for habtm
  23. 4,224 downloads
    anagram (0.0.2) The Anagram application searches a dictionary for anagrams of words supplied on the command line....
  24. 299 downloads
    anagram-brytiuk (0.0.1) Hello
  25. 1,113 downloads
    anagrams (0.0.1) Returns a list of anagrams from a given list of words or from a dictionary
  26. 707 downloads
    anagram_solver (0.0.2) Reads a dictionary file and allows a user to find anagrams.
  27. 7,985 downloads
    analdiffist (0.4.0) A tool for comparing the complexity and code smells between two git revisions
  28. 1,591 downloads
    analects (0.4.2) Toolkit for Mandarin language learning apps
  29. 3,875 downloads
    analizaruptor (0.3.1) Analizaruptor is a tool that looks for 'break', 'require', and 'provides' commands (and does a *t...
  30. 804 downloads
    analog (0.3) Provides a quick way to scale a number from one range or set to another