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  1. 4,040 downloads
    amazon_dp (0.0.4) Amazon Description of Product page parser
  2. 555,778 downloads
    amazon-ec2 (0.9.17) A Ruby library for accessing the Amazon Web Services EC2, ELB, RDS, Cloudwatch, and Autoscaling A...
  3. 118,607 downloads
    amazon-ecs (2.2.5) Generic Amazon Product Advertising Ruby API.
  4. 138 downloads
    amazon-ecs-eb (2.2.12) Generic Amazon Product Advertising Ruby API with exponential backoff.
  5. 27,884 downloads
    amazon_flex_pay (0.10.0) A straight-forward REST API for Amazon's Flexible Payments Services.
  6. 4,465 downloads
    amazon-fps-ruby (1.0.0) Provides a simple wrapper around the Amazon FPS SOAP web service. == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: Suppor...
  7. 6,456 downloads
    amazon-hacks (0.5.1) Mainly the product of messing around, this gem comprises Ruby code for a few useful "Amazon ...
  8. 7,778 downloads
    amazonian (0.2.0) Easy to use ruby module for the Amazon Product Advertising API
  9. 2,903 downloads
    amazon-iap (0.2.2) Verify Amazon in app purchases
  10. 4,073 downloads
    amazon-instance (0.1.0) A tool for creating new Amazon EC2 instances. It allows you to organize your instances by project...
  11. 4,505 downloads
    AmazonMarketplace (0.2.0) Rails ready gem for Marketplace Transactions using Amazon Simple Pay.
  12. 2,573 downloads
    amazon-mws (0.1.0) A Ruby Wrapper for the Amazon MWS API
  13. 2,725 downloads
    amazon_mws_products (0.0.3) A client for AmazonMWS Products API
  14. 35,061 downloads
    amazon-pricing (0.1.45) A Ruby library for retrieving pricing for Amazon Web Services
  15. 6,605 downloads
    amazon_product (3.0.1) Amazon Product is a Ruby wrapper to the Amazon Product Advertising API.
  16. 5,506 downloads
    amazon-product-advertising-api (0.2.1) A nice rubyish interface to the Amazon Product Advertising API, formerly known as the Associates ...
  17. 1,047 downloads
    amazon-product-advertising-api-prezjordan (0.2.2) A nice rubyish interface to the Amazon Product Advertising API (MODIFIED to handle ResponseGroup)...
  18. 1,689 downloads
    amazon_product_api (0.1.0) An extremely minimal client for Amazon Product Advertising REST API
  19. 1,119 downloads
    amazon_report (0.0.1) amazon affiliate
  20. 4,746 downloads
    amazon-ruby (0.0.3) A Ruby wrapper for the Amazon Advertising API
  21. 8,701 downloads
    amazon_sdb (0.6.7) A ruby wrapper to Amazon's sdb service
  22. 24,924 downloads
    amazon_seller_central (0.3.1) This gem is intended to wrap Amazon's SellerCentral pages with a Ruby API. Currently this gem sup...
  23. 10,090 downloads
    amazon_ses (1.0.2) wrapper for the simple email service api
  24. 7,479 downloads
    amazon-ses (0.0.5) A easy way to interact with Amazon SES.
  25. 21,966 downloads
    amazon-ses-mailer (0.0.4) Amazon SES mailer
  26. 5,108 downloads
    amb (0.0.5) This gem is a compilation of several implementations of the ambiguous function/operator, useful f...
  27. 3,435 downloads
    ambassador (0.0.2) The Ambassador API exposes RESTful URLs that return data in either XML or JSON. Use this gem to q...
  28. 1,763 downloads
    amber (0.3.2) Amber is a super simple and super flexible static website generator with support for nice localiz...
  29. 6,288 downloads
    amberbit-config (1.2.1) Reads YAML files with configuration. Allows you to specify default configuration file you can sto...
  30. 452 downloads
    amberbit-prawn-fast-png (0.2.1) An extension of Prawn that improves the performance when embedding PNG images containing an alpha...