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active_hashの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require active_hash

active_repository 0.5.1

An implementation of repository pattern that can connect with any ORM

97,721 ダウンロード

shibaraku 2.0.0

Manage model with a period on ActiveRecord.

93,107 ダウンロード

komagire 0.5.0

Compose an object from comma separated keys.

70,200 ダウンロード

monban 1.1.1

simple rails authentication

60,359 ダウンロード

oath 1.1.0

simple rails authentication

35,222 ダウンロード

boxspring 0.1.5

The boxspring gem is implements a client to the Bedrocket Media Ventrures Boxspring pro...

21,249 ダウンロード

elastic_mapper 0.3.0

A dead simple DSL for integrating ActiveModel with ElasticSearch.

7,065 ダウンロード

active_hash_ext 0.0.2

This is an extension module to ActiveHash

6,306 ダウンロード

pwb 1.4.0

PropertyWebBuilder lets you build great real estate websites fast.

5,966 ダウンロード

active_hash-like 0.1.0

Custom matcher for ActiveHash. It provides `like` operator.

5,211 ダウンロード

schema_reader 0.0.5

Reads Rails Database schema and creates a class from selected table with getters and se...

4,954 ダウンロード

active_hash-kaminari 0.1.1

Use kaminari paginator with ActiveHash.

3,671 ダウンロード

canada_eh 0.0.4

Giving you the ability to drill down from top level geographic regions like provinces a...

3,184 ダウンロード

devise_strategy_google_apps_open_social 1.0.0

Adds support to devise for authenticating an OpenSocial signed request.

3,083 ダウンロード

phil_locator 1.2.1

Provides registry records for regions, cities, and provinces in the Philippines.

2,563 ダウンロード

i18n_accessor 0.1.0


1,800 ダウンロード

motaword 0.0.1

Gem for interacting with the motaword API

934 ダウンロード

data_works 0.1.1

DataWorks makes it easier to work with FactoryBot in the context of a complex data model.

720 ダウンロード

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