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Dependencias inversas para activeadmin Latest version of the following gems require activeadmin

activeadmin-orderable 0.1.2

Drag and drop reordering interface for ActiveAdmin tables

52.091 Descargas

activeadmin-mongoid 1.0.0

ActiveAdmin hacks to support Mongoid (some ActiveAdmin features are disabled)

48.831 Descargas

ifd_tools 0.3.3

Emergency messaging, application updates, notifier updates, user management & base Acti...

47.692 Descargas

dont_you_count 0.0.2

Disable active admin count queries for selected tables

44.855 Descargas

active_blog 0.9.0

ActiveBlog is a Rails Engine for Blogging

43.822 Descargas

activeadmin-translate 0.2.2

Translate your models in ActiveAdmin with Globalize3.

42.938 Descargas

activeadmin-axlsx 2.1.2

This gem uses axlsx to provide excel/xlsx downloads for resources in Active Admin. Ofte...

42.738 Descargas

activeadmin_dynamic_fields 0.3.0

An Active Admin plugin to add dynamic behaviors to fields

39.696 Descargas

activeadmin_blaze_theme 0.5.14

An ActiveAdmin theme which use Blaze CSS UI toolkit

38.602 Descargas

activeadmin_tinymce 0.2.4

This is a wysiwyg html editor for the Active Admin interface using TinyMCE. Editor supp...

38.524 Descargas

activeadmin_draggable 0.1.0

Active admin sortable add on

37.832 Descargas

activeadmin_medium_editor 0.2.12

An Active Admin plugin to use Medium Editor

37.385 Descargas

activeadmin_froala_editor 0.2.8

An Active Admin plugin to use Froala WYSIWYG editor

37.258 Descargas

qwester 0.5.0

Questionnaires have many questions. Questions have many answers. Answers match Rule Set...

36.531 Descargas

lentil 1.0.5

lentil supports the harvesting of images from Instagram and provides several browsing v...

35.136 Descargas

activeadmin-globalize3 0.0.2

Handles globalize3 translations

34.506 Descargas

activeadmin-xls 2.0.2

This gem provides excel/xls downloads for resources in Active Admin.

34.074 Descargas

activeadmin_trumbowyg 0.2.8

An Active Admin plugin to use Trumbowyg Editor

32.587 Descargas

aa_associations 0.1.2

This extends ActiveAdmin to allow for better editing of associations.

28.004 Descargas

activeadmin_latlng 1.5.0

Small Active Admin plugin for setting up latitude and longitude.

25.530 Descargas

acts_as_published 1.1.0

Acts as published beahviour for active record models.

25.184 Descargas

activeadmin_cms 0.0.9

CMS functionality based on ActiveAdmin

24.796 Descargas

activeadmin-reform 1.1.0

Provides ability to use form object in your ActiveAdmin application

23.292 Descargas

community_engine 3.2.0

CommunityEngine is a free, open-source social network platform for Ruby on Rails applic...

22.618 Descargas

activeadmin_async_export 0.0.3

ActiveAdmin plugin for email delivery of CSV exports.

21.028 Descargas

activeadmin_pagedown 0.0.2

Pagedown widget for ActiveAdmin.

20.259 Descargas

activeadmin_simplemde 0.2.0

An Active Admin plugin to use SimpleMde Editor

19.921 Descargas

activeadmin_select_many 0.4.0

An Active Admin plugin which improves one-to-many and many-to-many associations selecti...

19.906 Descargas

active_admin_environment 1.0.0

Change ActiveAdmin page style by environment

19.611 Descargas

ecm_cms_navigation 0.0.13

Provides database backend for simple navigation.

19.561 Descargas

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