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activeadmin 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require activeadmin

active_admin_datetimepicker 0.7.4

Integrate jQuery xdan datetimepicker plugin to ActiveAdmin

477,469 下载

arctic_admin 3.2.0

A responsive theme for Active Admin

405,154 下载

just-datetime-picker 0.0.7

Gem that just creates date/time picker in Active Admin forms

347,091 下载

active_admin_import 4.2.0

The most efficient way to import for Active Admin

312,999 下载

activeadmin-sortable 0.0.3

Drag and drop sort interface for ActiveAdmin tables

299,675 下载

activeadmin-selleo-cms 0.0.61

ActiveAdmin CMS extension

268,272 下载

activeadmin-select2 0.1.8

With ActiveAdmin-Select2 you are able to chose Select2 as a drop-down entry option in F...

200,641 下载

active_admin_editor 1.1.0

Rich text editor for Active Admin using wysihtml5.

189,985 下载

active_admin_editor 1.1.0

Rich text editor for Active Admin using wysihtml5.

189,985 下载


Lalala: Probably the best CMS in the world

182,511 下载

activeadmin_reorderable 0.1.2

Add drag and drop reordering to ActiveAdmin tables.

143,891 下载

active_admin_sidebar 1.2.0

extension for activeadmin gem to manage sidebar

142,176 下载

activeadmin-settings 0.4.4

Easy to use general purpose settings backend for activeadmin

141,651 下载

active_admin-sortable_tree 2.1.0

SortableTree provides sorting of lists and hierarchies from ActiveAdmin index views.

132,736 下载


Description of IshManager.

98,568 下载

activeadmin-ajax_filter 0.5.0

Allows to define form inputs and filters by relation for ActiveAdmin resource pages usi...

96,688 下载

activeadmin-searchable_select 1.2.0

Use searchable selects based on Select2 in Active Admin forms and filters.

96,594 下载

activeadmin-async_panel 0.2.5

Allows to define special attributes for ActiveAdmin panel to make it AJAX loadable and ...

87,380 下载

activeadmin_settings_cached 2.3.1

UI interface for rails-settings-cached in active admin

83,861 下载

activeadmin_sortable_table 1.3.0

Drag and drop reordering interface for ActiveAdmin tables

82,667 下载

active_admin-awesome_nested_set 0.0.8

Provides sortable_columns helper in active admin resource definitions.

80,720 下载

activeadmin_quill_editor 0.2.0

An Active Admin plugin to use Quill Rich Text Editor

76,350 下载

active_admin_scoped_collection_actions 0.4.1

Plugin for ActiveAdmin. Provides batch Update and Delete for scoped_collection (Filters...

74,036 下载

pageflow 15.2.2

Multimedia story telling for the web.

67,742 下载

activeadmin_globalize_inputs 1.0.0

Implementation of globalize_fields - ActiveRecord-friendly globalize helper for ActiveA...

66,616 下载

active_admin_role 0.2.2

Role based authorization with CanCanCan for Active Admin

65,689 下载

responsive_active_admin 0.0.6

Responsive styles for ActiveAdmin

61,440 下载

activeadmin-cancan 0.1.4

Provides CanCan roles to ActiveAdmin

56,113 下载

formadmin 0.2.1

Modern theme for Active Admin used by Formaweb.

53,367 下载

activeadmin-ckeditor 0.0.19

Rich text editor for Active Admin using CKEditor.

52,169 下载

下载总次数 9,497,165

这个版本 307,513

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.4