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amatch 的反向依赖 0.4.0

fuzzy_match 2.1.0

Find a needle in a haystack using string similarity and (optionally) regexp rules. Repl...

9,731,203 下载

api-auth 2.3.1

Full HMAC auth implementation for use in your gems and Rails apps.

1,471,810 下载

konjac 0.3.4

A Ruby command-line utility for translating files using a YAML wordlist

110,871 下载

gherkin_lint 1.2.2

Lint Gherkin Files

76,099 下载

wurfl-lite 1.1.5

Simple Ruby usage of the WURFL device capabilities and features database

21,341 下载

smart_search 0.0.98

SmartSearch adds full-text search functions to ActiveRecord running with MySQL, includi...

20,705 下载

oozby 0.4.4

OpenSCAD - a cad language for creating solid 3d objects, useful for CNC and 3D Printing...

16,667 下载

muni 0.0.8

A simple NextBus API client for retrieving San Francisco Muni bus route and stop predic...

14,255 下载

pirate 0.1.6

Custom search function for 58Phases

13,455 下载

text-analysis-utils 0.7.1

Utilities to help language learners acquire vocabulary

9,228 下载

plexify 0.2.0

Organize media folders to get ready with media managers

5,421 下载

acme-smileage 4.0.1

"S/mileage" is one of highly famous Japanese pop stars. This module, acme-smileage, pro...

4,923 下载

otask 0.2.4

A CLI for OmniFocus task entry with natural language syntax and fuzzy project/context m...

4,316 下载

twins 0.0.4

Twin sorts through the small differences between multiple objects and smartly consolida...

4,110 下载

jmoses_api-auth 1.0.5

Full HMAC auth implementation for use in your gems and Rails apps.

3,615 下载

bixby-auth 0.1.1

Bixby API Auth library for both clients and servers

3,438 下载

omnibar 0.0.8

Ask omnibar, and ye shall receive

3,120 下载

loose_tight_dictionary-ruby19 0.0.8

Create dictionaries that link rows between two tables (left and right) using loose matc...

2,914 下载

extracare2of 0.3

Logs into CVS account, adds coupons with due dates to OmniFocus, remembers imported cou...

2,639 下载

create_task 0.2.2

Creates tasks for omnifocus, things, reminders

2,307 下载

chutney 1.6.1

A fork of gherkin_lint ( (which is no-longer b...

1,488 下载

ruby_language_server 0.2.9

See "A Language Server is meant t...

1,433 下载

fuzzy-ruby 0.1.0

Auto-correct your Ruby code using fuzzy matching.

1,316 下载

guess_who 0.1.2

Extracts name from username or email

1,271 下载

something_like_that 0.1.3

See how closely two long, multi-word phrases match each other. Something Like That is a...

1,254 下载

gitolemy 0.0.4

Aggregate all the metadata about your code into a single place.

868 下载

dphil 0.1.4

UBC Sanskrit Digital Philology Gem (all-in-one)

654 下载

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这个版本 450,216

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