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Dependencias inversas para ammeter 1.1.4

rspec-rails 4.0.1

rspec-rails is a testing framework for Rails 5+.

87.113.851 Descargas

formtastic 3.1.5

A Rails form builder plugin/gem with semantically rich and accessible markup

15.953.336 Descargas

draper 4.0.1

Draper adds an object-oriented layer of presentation logic to your Rails apps.

14.812.635 Descargas

cucumber-rails 2.0.0

Cucumber Generator and Runtime for Rails

13.668.795 Descargas

rolify 5.2.0

Very simple Roles library without any authorization enforcement supporting scope on res...

5.698.950 Descargas

scenic 1.5.2

Adds methods to ActiveRecord::Migration to create and manage database views in Rails

4.399.677 Descargas

statesman 7.2.0

A statesman-like state machine library

1.596.598 Descargas

formtastic-bootstrap 3.1.1

Formtastic form builder to generate Twitter Bootstrap-friendly markup.

900.157 Descargas

action-cable-testing 0.6.1

Testing utils for Action Cable

771.700 Descargas

anyway_config 2.0.5

Configuration DSL for Ruby libraries and applications. Allows you to easily follow ...

644.834 Descargas

sequel-rails 1.1.0

Integrate Sequel with Rails (3.x and 4.x)

471.812 Descargas

blueprinter 0.23.4

Blueprinter is a JSON Object Presenter for Ruby that takes business objects and breaks ...

440.951 Descargas

roboto 1.0.1

A Rails Engine to help with robots.txt

245.258 Descargas

api-versions 1.2.1

api-versions helps manage your Rails app API endpoints.

186.972 Descargas

anycable-rails 0.6.5

Rails adapter for AnyCable

180.558 Descargas

fx 0.5.0

Adds methods to ActiveRecord::Migration to create and manage database functions and...

165.274 Descargas

logidze 0.12.0

PostgreSQL JSON-based auditing

140.078 Descargas

themes_on_rails 0.4.0

Adds multi themes support to your Rails 3/4 application

104.094 Descargas

trestle 0.9.3

Trestle is a modern, responsive admin framework for Ruby on Rails.

95.992 Descargas

action_policy 0.4.3

Authorization framework for Ruby/Rails application

94.613 Descargas

ripple 0.9.5

ripple is an object-mapper library for Riak, the distributed database by Basho. It use...

93.122 Descargas

puffer 0.1.1

Admin interface builder

68.155 Descargas

pageflow 15.2.1

Multimedia story telling for the web.

64.510 Descargas

batch_manager 0.4.1

A rails plugin to manage batch scripts. Provide web interface to create, edit and execu...

55.502 Descargas

auther 11.1.0

Enhances Rails with multi-account, form-based, database-less, application-wide authenti...

40.142 Descargas

gakubuchi 1.4.0

Gakubuchi provides a simple way to manage static pages with Asset Pipeline.

29.200 Descargas

salesforce_ar_sync 2.0.2

ActiveRecord extension & rails engine for syncing data with

27.679 Descargas

activerecord-postgres-hstore-core 0.0.6

Allows you to use active record with databases that already have an hstore type

26.989 Descargas

riveter 0.8.3

Provides several useful patterns, such as Enumerated, Command, Enquiry, Query, QueryFil...

23.517 Descargas

acts_as_taggable_on 3.0.0.rc2

With ActsAsTaggableOn, you can tag a single model on several contexts, such as skills, ...

21.247 Descargas

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