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Dependencias inversas para assert Latest version of the following gems require assert

deas 0.43.5

Handler-based web framework powered by Sinatra

102.559 Descargas

ardb 0.29.2

Activerecord database tools.

75.090 Descargas

mr 0.35.2

Model-record pattern

60.011 Descargas

rack-less 3.0.2

LESS CSS preprocessing for Rack apps.

57.663 Descargas

romo 0.20.13

A UI Toolkit

51.288 Descargas

much-timeout 0.1.2 based timeouts; an alternative to Ruby's stdlib Timeout module.

50.163 Descargas

ggem 1.10.3

"Juh Gem", baby! (a gem utility CLI)

48.141 Descargas

sanford 0.19.1

Sanford TCP protocol server for hosting services

40.611 Descargas

dassets 0.15.1

Digest and serve HTML asset files

39.964 Descargas

ns-options 1.1.6

A DSL for defining, organizing and accessing options.

39.751 Descargas

cap-util 1.5.2

A set of utilities for writing cap tasks.

36.942 Descargas

osheet 1.1.1

A DSL for specifying and generating spreadsheets using Ruby

36.033 Descargas

and-son 0.9.1

Simple Sanford client for Ruby.

32.750 Descargas

xmlss 1.0.1

Generate spreadsheet docs for MS Excel using XML Spreedsheet

29.038 Descargas

sanford-protocol 0.12.0

Ruby implementation of the Sanford TCP communication protocol.

28.508 Descargas

assert-view 0.6.0

A collection of views for use in the Assert testing framework

25.990 Descargas

dat-tcp 0.8.2

A generic threaded TCP server API.

22.571 Descargas

undies 3.1.0

A pure-Ruby DSL for streaming templated HTML, XML, or plain text.

22.543 Descargas

scmd 3.0.4

Build and run system commands.

22.231 Descargas

enumeration 1.3.3

Add enumerated value attributes to your ruby classes.

19.027 Descargas

logsly 1.3.3

Create custom loggers.

17.784 Descargas

assert-rack-test 1.1.1

Assert with Rack::Test

17.387 Descargas

dumpdb 2.1.0

Dump and restore your databases.

17.249 Descargas

deas-erubis 0.5.7

Deas template engine for rendering erb templates using Erubis

16.544 Descargas

qs 0.8.1

Define message queues. Process jobs and events. Profit.

16.115 Descargas

dat-worker-pool 0.6.3

A simple thread pool for processing generic 'work'

16.037 Descargas

deas-nm 0.5.5

Deas template engine for Nm templates

15.606 Descargas

assert-mocha 1.1.1

Assert with Mocha

15.225 Descargas

deas-erbtags 0.5.0

Deas template helpers for creating HTML tags using Erb.

14.258 Descargas

ad-ldap 0.1.1

A small wrapper to Net::LDAP to provide some extended functionality and utility.

13.270 Descargas

Total de descargas 137.272

Para esta versión 147

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