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Dependencias inversas para byebug Latest version of the following gems require byebug

awesome_print 1.9.2

Great Ruby debugging companion: pretty print Ruby objects to visualize their structure....

115.517.634 Descargas

capybara 3.35.3

Capybara is an integration testing tool for rack based web applications. It simulates h...

103.971.815 Descargas

pry-byebug 3.9.0

Combine 'pry' with 'byebug'. Adds 'step', 'next', 'finish', 'continue' and 'break' ...

74.167.182 Descargas

oauth 0.5.5

OAuth Core Ruby implementation

53.418.588 Descargas

paper_trail 11.1.0

Track changes to your models, for auditing or versioning. See how a model looked at any...

32.467.139 Descargas

rack-attack 6.5.0

A rack middleware for throttling and blocking abusive requests

31.176.553 Descargas

net-ldap 0.17.0

Net::LDAP for Ruby (also called net-ldap) implements client access for the Lightweight ...

30.293.828 Descargas

power_assert 2.0.0

Power Assert shows each value of variables and method calls in the expression. It is us...

21.774.448 Descargas

rspec-retry 0.6.2

retry intermittently failing rspec examples

21.155.952 Descargas

endpoint-flux2 1.1.8

A simple way to organise API endpoints

11.865.539 Descargas

gpgme 2.0.20

Ruby-GPGME is a Ruby language binding of GPGME (GnuPG Made Easy). GnuPG Made Easy (GPGM...

9.508.328 Descargas

sidekiq-scheduler 3.0.1

Light weight job scheduling extension for Sidekiq that adds support for queueing jobs i...

9.137.635 Descargas

rails-patch-json-encode 0.2.0

A monkey patch to speed up Rails' JSON generation time.

7.176.479 Descargas

js-routes 1.4.14

Generates javascript file that defines all Rails named routes as javascript helpers

6.610.906 Descargas

authlogic 6.4.1

An unobtrusive ruby authentication library based on ActiveRecord.

5.662.959 Descargas

graphql-batch 0.4.3

A query batching executor for the graphql gem

5.386.836 Descargas

gitlab-license 1.3.1

gitlab-license helps you generate, verify and enforce software licenses.

4.867.224 Descargas

fast_jsonapi 1.5

JSON API( serializer that works with rails and can be used to serialize any...

4.760.014 Descargas

ruby-statistics 2.1.3

This gem is intended to accomplish the same purpose as jStat js library: ...

4.707.831 Descargas

paper_trail-association_tracking 2.1.1

Plugin for the PaperTrail gem to track and reify associations

4.225.929 Descargas

rubycritic 4.6.0

RubyCritic is a tool that wraps around various static analysis gems to provide a qualit...

4.137.656 Descargas

capistrano-harrow 0.5.3

Hooks to allow people experiencing problems with Capistrano to register with a service ...

3.979.610 Descargas

seed_dump 3.3.1

Dump (parts) of your database to db/seeds.rb to get a headstart creating a meaningful s...

2.919.031 Descargas

awrence 1.2.1

Have you ever needed to automatically convert Ruby-style snake_case to CamelCase or cam...

2.894.726 Descargas

xcov 1.7.5

xcov is a friendly visualizer for Xcode's code coverage files

2.760.908 Descargas

cose 1.2.0

Ruby implementation of RFC 8152 CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE)

2.725.318 Descargas

kaminari-mongoid 1.0.1

kaminari-mongoid lets your Mongoid models be paginatable

2.618.521 Descargas

webauthn 2.4.1

WebAuthn ruby server library ― Make your application a W3C Web Authentication conforman...

2.586.062 Descargas

client_side_validations 18.0.0

Client Side Validations made easy for your Rails 5 applications

2.569.058 Descargas

sorcery 0.16.0

Provides common authentication needs such as signing in/out, activating by email and re...

2.431.343 Descargas

Total de descargas 139.023.341

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