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Reverse dependencies for composite_primary_keys Latest version of the following gems require composite_primary_keys

data-anonymization 0.8.5

Data anonymization tool for RDBMS and MongoDB databases

123,418 下載

acts_as_revisionable 1.2.2

ActiveRecord extension that provides revision support so that history can be tracked an...

72,100 下載

databasion 0.2.3

A Google Spreadsheet/Excel -> YAML -> Ruby Migration Tool

45,146 下載

objectid_columns 1.0.5

Transparently store MongoDB ObjectId values in ActiveRecord.

38,247 下載

usda-nutrient-database 2.1.2

A gem to include all the USDA nutrient data quickly into a ruby project

38,137 下載

arql 0.3.0

Use ActiveRecord and Pry as your favorite SQL query editor.

21,169 下載

emipair-merb_global 0.0.12

Localization (L10n) and Internationalization (i18n) support for the Merb MVC Framework

21,055 下載

neo4apis-activerecord 0.9.1

A ruby gem using neo4apis to make importing SQL data to neo4j easy

20,776 下載

active_nutrition 0.6.0

An ActiveRecord-backed collection of models for storing and retrieving nutritional info...

20,370 下載

indexed_search 0.1.9

A rich indexed search engine for Rails written in pure Ruby.

19,421 下載

dhole 0.0.14

ActiveRecord mapping of main Mediawiki entities and relationships

18,807 下載

schema_qualified_tables 1.1.1

An ActiveRecord mix-in that makes it easier to use AR in an application which contains ...

17,893 下載

listable 0.2.0

With listable you can consolidate fields from several models into one, backed up by a d...

14,227 下載

datamapper-shim 0.0.5

Dress ActiveRecord models in DataMapper robes

13,180 下載

versioned_record 0.5.0

Version ActiveRecord models using composite primary keys

11,657 下載

lastobelus-merb_global 0.0.14

Localization (L10n) and Internationalization (i18n) support for the Merb MVC Framework

11,005 下載

activerecord-peoplesoft_models 3.0.0

A Rubygem that provides an easy way to build ActiveRecord models that represent PeopleS...

5,733 下載

nickludlam-ruby-mythtv 0.3.0

Ruby implementation of the MythTV communication protocol, and interface to the MythTV d...

5,727 下載

scopiform 0.2.7

Generate scope methods to ActiveRecord classes based on columns and associations

4,480 下載

data_graph 1.0.0

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

3,768 下載

acms_ruby 0.1.0

a-blog cms をrubyで操作したい

3,688 下載

impresser 0.1.0

Impresser is for those who want to marry their love of Wordpress with their lust for Ruby.

2,915 下載

telasi-ruby 0.0.1

telasi ruby library

2,739 下載

by2 1.0.0

Commandline tool for querying a barnyard2 db.

2,626 下載

mram-evedata 0.1.inferno11.4

this gem will import the EVE Online Static Data Dump into your database and provide a f...

2,548 下載

bio-biosql 0.0.0

Provides BioSQL support for BioRuby.

1,488 下載

citus-rails-4.2 0.1.0

Citus Rails Integration (Rails 4.2)

1,308 下載

active_brainz 0.3.1

ActiveRecord integration with the MusicBrainz database

1,071 下載

hivemind-ruby 0.1.0

If you run your own `hivemind` node, you can leverage your local subset of the blockcha...

608 下載

object_id_gem 1.0.6

Transparently store MongoDB ObjectId values in ActiveRecord.

485 下載

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這個版本 42,385

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