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Reverse dependencies for equalizer 0.0.11

virtus 1.0.5

Attributes on Steroids for Plain Old Ruby Objects

24,730,953 下載

twitter 6.2.0

A Ruby interface to the Twitter API.

8,603,493 下載

unparser 0.4.5

Generate equivalent source for parser gem AST nodes

3,160,077 下載

concord 0.1.5

Helper for object composition

3,059,814 下載

tracker_api 1.9.1

This gem allows you to easily use the Pivotal Tracker v5 API.

625,886 下載

anima 0.3.1

Initialize object attributes via attributes hash

616,723 下載

mutant 0.8.24

Mutation testing for ruby

565,848 下載

morpher 0.2.6

Composeable predicates on POROs

444,202 下載

ibanizator 0.4.4

ibanizator generates the correct IBAN for given account number and bank number for ...

110,321 下載

axiom 0.2.0

Simplifies querying of structured data using relational algebra

103,253 下載

vorpal 1.0.1

An ORM framelet that fits on top of ActiveRecord to give you 'Data Mapper' semantics.

74,801 下載

to_source 0.2.20

Transform Rubinius 1.9 AST back to equivalent source code

52,975 下載

hexp 0.4.6

Generate and manipulate HTML documents and nodes.

42,989 下載

ashikawa-core 0.14.0

Ashikawa Core is a wrapper around the ArangoDB REST API. It provides low level access a...

42,587 下載

bmo 0.11.2

Push notifications to iOS and Android devices

27,361 下載

substation 0.0.11

Implement application boundary interfaces with dedicated classes

25,590 下載

mutest 0.0.10

Mutation testing for ruby

20,574 下載

auom 0.3.1

Algebra (with) Units Of Measurement

19,354 下載

yaoc 0.0.14

Yet another object converter

17,975 下載

vanguard 0.0.5

Library for validating Ruby objects with rich metadata support.

17,839 下載

activerecord_to_poro 0.0.9

Convert ActiveRecord objects to plain old ruby objects and vice versa

17,727 下載

mbj-assets 0.0.11

Playground for a small assets system

13,821 下載

git-hooks 0.5.0

It stores git hooks and force git hooks installation.

12,470 下載

assertion 0.2.5

Standalone PORO assertions and validations

9,841 下載

request 0.0.6

HTTP request porofication

9,556 下載

threatinator 0.2.1

Threatinator is a library and tool for parsing threat data feeds.

8,811 下載

knight 0.0.5

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

7,605 下載

aql 0.0.3

The ArangoDB AQL AST. Intended for query generation.

7,269 下載

html 0.1.2

Because HTML is not a String

7,089 下載

response 0.0.5

Build rack responses with functional style

6,779 下載

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