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fluent-logger 的反向依赖 0.8.1

act-fluent-logger-rails 0.5.0

Fluent logger

586,598 下载

td-logger 0.3.27

Treasure Data logging library

571,537 下载

itamae 1.10.4

Simple Configuration Management Tool

321,580 下载

steno 1.3.4

A thread-safe logging library designed to support multiple log destinations.

169,678 下载

termtter 2.2.9

Termtter is a terminal based Twitter client.

103,444 下载

raven-transports-fluentd 0.2.2

Send error logs to sentry via fluentd.

75,999 下载

itamae-mitsurin 1.0.3

Customized version of Itamae and Itamae plugin. configuration management tool like chef...

73,384 下载

yell-adapters-fluentd 1.0.5

Fluentd adapter for Yell

54,049 下载

automatic 14.12.2

Ruby framework for the general-purpose automatic processing

45,590 下载

megaphone-client 1.1.2

Send events to Megaphone.

28,320 下载

droonga-client 0.2.2

Droonga client for Ruby

20,210 下载

flnt 0.5.0

Gentle post-to-fluentd log solution

15,647 下载

rack-access-capture 0.0.4

To capture the request and response in the rack middleware, you can be output to any de...

14,595 下载

dummer 0.4.0

Generates dummy log data for Fluentd benchmark

14,210 下载

bugsnag-delivery-fluent 0.2.3

Delivery method send to fluent for bugsnag/bugsnag-ruby.

13,789 下载

rack-common_logger-fluent 0.5.0

rack middleware for writing access log to fluentd.

11,498 下载

metricsense 0.1.2

MetricSense event collection API for Ruby

10,872 下载

rack-action_logger 0.4.0

Rack::ActionLogger is a tool to log user activity

10,336 下载

la_logger 0.1.2

A singleton wrapper for fluent logger.

6,193 下载

log4r-fluent 0.0.3

Log4R Outputter for fluent

5,933 下载

fluent-exec 0.0.3

Execute Command and log exit status, output and runtime to fluentd.

5,910 下载

rack-fluentd-logger 0.1.4

Rack middleware for logging traffic to fluentd.

5,870 下载

fluent-logger-sinatra 0.1.2

Fluent logger for Sinatra applications

4,245 下载

log_box 0.0.3

group Rails log by Web transaction or any other grouping

4,177 下载

chef-handler-fluentd 0.0.2

Handler for Chef to send logs to Fluentd

3,672 下载

observed-fluentd 0.2.0

Observed Fluentd Output Plugin

3,210 下载

fluent_logger_statistics 0.4.0

Rack middleware for monitoring buffer of fluent-logger.

2,986 下载

magellan-log-funnel 1.1.0

log collector for magellanic cloud service.

2,870 下载

sshkit-fluent-logger 0.1.0

sshkit extention, which sends log to fluentd server .

2,504 下载

nav-logger 0.0.6

Nav's logger

1,927 下载

下载总次数 2,935,123

这个版本 80,187

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