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Dependencias inversas para gnuplot 2.6.2

y_petri 2.4.9

YPetri is a DSL (domain-specific language) for modelling of dynamical systems. It is bi...

82.492 Descargas

seqtrimnext 2.0.68

Seqtrimnext is a plugin based system to preprocess and clean sequences from multiple NG...

43.950 Descargas

vasputils 0.1.7

This gem provides parsers for some of input and output files for VASP. This will pr...

27.439 Descargas

gnuplot-multiplot 0.0.1

simple multiplot interface to enhance the gnuplot gem

25.809 Descargas

benchcc 0.0.17

Benchcc is a collection of utilities to make easier the task of benchmarking C++ metapr...

24.063 Descargas

buncher 1.0.16

buncher implements a variant of the popular k-means clustering algorithm as a native ru...

21.923 Descargas

ruby-plot 0.6.1

gnuplot wrapper for ruby, especially for plotting roc curves into svg files

21.068 Descargas

spcore 0.2.1

A library of signal processing methods and classes for resampling, frequency domain tra...

18.179 Descargas

SimpleOutput 1.2.1

Takes data and outputs it to multiple formats and media using a simple plugin system

16.440 Descargas

akero 1.1.1

Easy peer-to-peer public key cryptography

16.179 Descargas

scbi_cominer 0.0.8

scbi_cominer is a ruby gem to calculate some interesting regions and statistics from co...

13.280 Descargas

iconPlot 0.1.0

Plot with ncl via Ruby: requires NCL 6.* and CDO 1.5.*

11.994 Descargas

sciruby-full 0.2.11

Scientific gems for Ruby. This is the full installation with rigid version constraints.

11.042 Descargas

shunkuntype 1.0.15

type training for shunkun.

10.455 Descargas

texlab 0.3.0

texlab a toolkit based on erb that for creating documents and doing calculations at the...

9.517 Descargas

asymptotic 0.0.7

Toolkit for asymptotic analysis of functions

8.770 Descargas

scbi_plot 0.0.7

scbi_plot is a simplified wrapper to create plots with gnuplot.

7.960 Descargas

viiite 0.2.0

Viiite brings tools to benchmark and analyze the complexity of your algorithms. It has...

7.444 Descargas

unifiedPlot 0.0.6

single interface to line-plotting data in [] or NArray

6.589 Descargas

gitstats-ruby 1.0.1

Generates statistics of git repositories like but with ...

5.439 Descargas

diadem 0.0.4

Dynamic isotope analysis for mass spectrometry isotope experiments. Calculates and vis...

5.300 Descargas

graph-function 0.2.0

Using gnuplot and Ruby's benchmarking abilities, see the asymptotic behavior of your fu...

4.685 Descargas

savgol 0.4.0

Extends Array class with method which calculates applies Savitzky-Golay filter used for...

3.933 Descargas

algoplot 0.0.1

algoplot uses Gnuplot to generate growth plots given N and functions.

3.509 Descargas

variation 0.2.1

Compute values that change with time (or some independent variable), using various tran...

3.354 Descargas

machine-head 0.1.0

Ruby API for HDHomeRun dual ATSC tuner. Requires hdhomerun_config.

2.949 Descargas

svmlab 1.0.0

A tool for experimenting with Support Vector Machines.

2.930 Descargas

collectd-plot 0.0.1

Plot collectd data using gnuplot, with useful features such as host globbing.

2.921 Descargas

elo4m 1.0.1

For calculating the relative skill levels of players in multi-player games.

2.633 Descargas

barrage_bench 0.0.2

see summary

2.547 Descargas

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Para esta versión 795.981

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