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guardの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require guard

rack-fiber_pool 0.9.3

Rack middleware to run each request within a Fiber

263,125 ダウンロード

analytical 3.0.12

Gem for managing multiple analytics services in your rails app.

260,283 ダウンロード

guard-migrate 2.0.0

Guard::Migrate automatically runs your database migrations when needed

260,209 ダウンロード

m3u8 0.8.2

Generate and parse m3u8 playlists for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

256,926 ダウンロード

danger-auto_label 1.3.1

A simple auto labeler for issue or PR. Made by Danger plugin.

253,163 ダウンロード

air18n 0.5.1

Rails plugin with dyanmic I18n backend for good internationalization.

253,061 ダウンロード

guard-compass 1.1.0

Guard::Compass automatically rebuilds scss|sass files when a modification occurs taking...

249,850 ダウンロード

marketingcloudsdk 1.0.0

API wrapper for SOAP and REST API with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget)

248,770 ダウンロード

guard-yard 2.2.1

Guard::Yard automatically monitors Yard Documentation.

246,212 ダウンロード

neo4j-rake_tasks 0.7.19

Rake tasks for managing Neo4j Tasks allow for starting, stopping, and configuring

245,452 ダウンロード


A Ruby implementation for Japan postcode.

236,657 ダウンロード

socialization 1.2.3

Socialization allows any model to Follow and/or Like any other model. This is accomplis...

229,095 ダウンロード

tsubaki 0.2.1

A gem provides My Number & Corporate Number validators

223,444 ダウンロード

pokitdok-ruby 0.9.2

Gem for easy access to the PokitDok Platform APIs.

222,344 ダウンロード

guard-foodcritic 3.0.0

Guard::Foodcritic automatically runs foodcritic.

221,199 ダウンロード

kiji 0.2.2

API toolkits for Japanese e-Gov system

219,500 ダウンロード

aead 1.8.1

Ruby library to generate AEADs

218,181 ダウンロード

guard-rack 2.2.1

Automatically reloads your Rack based app on file change using Guard.

217,036 ダウンロード

contentful_model 1.3.0

An ActiveModel-like wrapper for the Contentful SDKs

212,897 ダウンロード

mini_sql 0.3

A fast, safe, simple direct SQL executor for PG

198,421 ダウンロード

volt 0.9.6

A reactive Ruby web framework where your Ruby code runs on both the server and the clie...

198,365 ダウンロード

errplane 1.0.15

This gem provides implements instrumentation with Errplane for Rails 2.3.x and 3.x appl...

195,355 ダウンロード

finapps 5.0.34

A simple library for communicating with the FinApps REST API.

194,536 ダウンロード

testrail-ruby 0.1.02

A Ruby client wrapper for the TestRail API (v2)

193,697 ダウンロード

minitest-tagz 1.7.0

allows you to tag different Minitest tests with tags that can be used to filter tests

192,126 ダウンロード

candy_check 0.2.1

Check and verify in-app receipts

186,672 ダウンロード

hydra-file_characterization 1.1.2

To provide a wrapper for file characterization

185,155 ダウンロード

guard-puma 0.6.0

Restart puma when files change

183,334 ダウンロード

monadic 0.8.1

brings some functional goodness to ruby by giving you some monads

182,578 ダウンロード

graphql-active_record 2.2.2

Active Record Helpers for graphql-ruby

181,983 ダウンロード

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