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Reverse dependencies for guard Latest version of the following gems require guard

pry 0.13.1

Pry is a runtime developer console and IRB alternative with powerful introspection capa...

170,591,964 下載

pry 0.13.1

Pry is a runtime developer console and IRB alternative with powerful introspection capa...

170,591,964 下載

newrelic_rpm 6.13.1

New Relic is a performance management system, developed by New Relic, Inc (http://www.n...

78,656,445 下載

mini_magick 4.10.1

Manipulate images with minimal use of memory via ImageMagick / GraphicsMagick

57,559,487 下載

celluloid-supervision 0.20.6

Supervisors, Supervision Groups, and Supervision Trees for Celluloid.

39,564,966 下載

guard-rspec 4.7.3

Guard::RSpec automatically run your specs (much like autotest).

32,188,447 下載

graphql 1.11.5

A plain-Ruby implementation of GraphQL.

19,578,200 下載

logstash-event 1.2.02

Library that contains the classes required to create LogStash events

16,294,333 下載

react-rails 2.6.1

Render components in views or controller actions. Server-side rendering powered by Exec...

13,594,336 下載

sidekiq-cron 1.2.0

Enables to set jobs to be run in specified time (using CRON notation)

12,995,591 下載

no_proxy_fix 0.1.2

A fix for a no_proxy bug:

11,939,600 下載

lru_redux 1.1.0

An efficient implementation of an lru cache

10,021,617 下載

jira-ruby 2.1.3


9,861,115 下載

flamegraph 0.9.5

Flamegraph support for arbitrary ruby apps

8,304,218 下載

guard-livereload 2.5.2

Guard::LiveReload automatically reloads your browser when 'view' files are modified.

6,984,749 下載

scout_apm 2.6.10

Monitors Ruby apps and reports detailed metrics on performance to Scout.

6,267,035 下載

varia_model 0.6.0

A mixin to provide objects with magic attribute reading and writing

6,245,228 下載

buff-extensions 2.0.0

Extensions to Core Ruby classes

6,193,551 下載

buff-shell_out 1.1.0

A mixin for issuing shell commands and collecting the output

6,105,711 下載

buff-ruby_engine 1.0.0

A mixin for querying the platform running Ruby

6,093,158 下載

buff-config 2.0.0

A simple configuration class

6,073,557 下載

guard-rubocop 1.3.0

Guard::RuboCop automatically checks Ruby code style with RuboCop when files are modified.

5,578,407 下載

guard-bundler 3.0.0

Guard::Bundler automatically install/update your gem bundle when needed

5,055,982 下載

sneakers 2.12.0

Fast background processing framework for Ruby and RabbitMQ

5,020,084 下載

rack-livereload 0.3.17

Insert LiveReload into your app easily as Rack middleware

4,384,658 下載

omniauth_openid_connect 0.3.5

OpenID Connect Strategy for OmniAuth.

3,547,553 下載

danger-swiftlint 0.24.4

A Danger plugin for linting Swift with SwiftLint.

2,697,899 下載

facets 3.1.0

Facets is the premier collection of extension methods for the Ruby programming language...

2,641,822 下載


A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

2,582,881 下載

utf8-cleaner 1.0.0

Removes invalid UTF8 characters from the URL and other env vars

2,482,816 下載

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 1.9.3