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Dependencias inversas para moji Latest version of the following gems require moji

mojinizer 0.2.2

Combines the functionality of the Moji and Romajinizer gems. And adds Japanese kana det...

1.413.439 Descargas

HyakuninIssyu 0.8.0

This Gem offer all the information about Hyakunin-issyu, the One Hundred Poems by One H...

58.156 Descargas

hyakunin-issyu 1.0.1

This Gem offer all the information about Hyakunin-issyu, the One Hundred Poems by One H...

36.387 Descargas

pbl 0.0.6

A command line tool for Pinboard to search your bookmarks.

16.334 Descargas

mizuho_bank 0.1.6

Mizuho Bank (Mizuho Direct) Ruby Interface

15.750 Descargas

japanese_names 0.2.1

Japanese name parser based on ENAMDICT

15.090 Descargas

acme-smileage 4.0.1

"S/mileage" is one of highly famous Japanese pop stars. This module, acme-smileage, pro...

8.049 Descargas

ngwords 0.1.4

Ngwords prevents prohibited words from being registered in your application. The prohib...

6.932 Descargas

pokebell 0.1.0

Japanese charactor displayed by hiragana, alphabet, or number encode to 2-digit in used...

5.190 Descargas

random_japanese_string 0.0.1

Generate random Japanese string.

5.147 Descargas

kana_validator 0.0.1

Rails 3+ validator for ひらがな and かたかな.

4.984 Descargas

mojimoji 0.1.0

Add formatting methods to String

4.883 Descargas

screening 0.1.2

The purpose of this library is that screening.

3.447 Descargas

katakana_validator 0.0.1

Rails validator for カタカナ.

3.181 Descargas

positive_string_support 0.1.3

This gem provides useful methods for String class (built-in class of Ruby).

3.006 Descargas

imasgen 0.1.0

Random name generator using character's name from Idolmaster series.

1.793 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.962.697

Para esta versión 2.946.830

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