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Dependencias inversas para msgpack Latest version of the following gems require msgpack

immunio 2.0.4

IMMUNIO protects your web app from security vulnerabilities by monitoring requests in r...

152.554 Descargas

right_agent 2.7.2

RightAgent provides a foundation for running an agent on a server to interface in a sec...

148.804 Descargas

marky_markov 0.3.5

MarkyMarkov makes it easy to generate simply Markov Chains based upon input from eith...

136.861 Descargas

arachni 1.5.1

Arachni is a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helpi...

124.237 Descargas

msgpack-rpc 0.7.0

MessagePack-RPC, asynchronous RPC library using MessagePack

113.080 Descargas

transit-ruby 0.8.606

Transit marshalling for Ruby

108.973 Descargas

polytexnic 1.6.0

Core translation engine for the softcover gem

108.907 Descargas

ccp 0.5.0


106.001 Descargas

shameless 0.7.0

Scalable distributed append-only data store

98.350 Descargas

opencensus-datadog 0.1.1

Datadog APM exporter for OpenCensus

88.154 Descargas

ably-rest 1.1.3

A Ruby REST only client library for realtime messaging

88.100 Descargas

celerb 0.3.19

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

81.370 Descargas

pipeline_toolkit 1.5.0

Command line tools for processing messages by constructing a pipeline of workers. ...

80.597 Descargas

restify 1.14.0

An experimental hypermedia REST client that uses parallel, keep-alive and pipelined req...

69.546 Descargas

httpimagestore 1.9.0

Configurable S3 or file system image storage and processing HTTP API server. It is usin...

65.530 Descargas

msgpack-rpc-over-http 0.2.0

This library provides MessagePack-RPC via HTTP

65.164 Descargas

msgpack-rpc-over-http 0.2.0

This library provides MessagePack-RPC via HTTP

65.164 Descargas

amqp-utils 0.5.1

Command line utilies for interacting with AMQP compliant queues. The intention is...

59.195 Descargas


A library for interacting with REST APIs. Similar to ActiveResource

58.977 Descargas

grape-msgpack 0.2.0

Messagepack formatter for grape

56.872 Descargas

grntest 1.4.8

Grntest is a testing framework for Groonga. You can write a test for Groonga by writing...

56.152 Descargas

kms_rails 0.2.1

Quickly add KMS encryption and decryption to your ActiveRecord model attributes and Act...

55.310 Descargas

bloomer 1.0.0

Bloom filters and Scalable Bloom filters (SBF) in pure ruby

49.271 Descargas

bwkfanboy 2.0.0

A converter from a raw HTML to an Atom feed. You can use it to watch sites that do not ...

45.221 Descargas

bud 0.9.9

A prototype of the Bloom distributed programming language as a Ruby DSL.

44.420 Descargas

paraspec 0.0.3

Parallel RSpec runner

42.745 Descargas

emojidex 0.5.3

emojidex emoji handling, search and lookup, listing and caching functionality and user ...

41.973 Descargas

kyototycoon 0.6.1

KyotoTycoon client for Ruby

41.582 Descargas

machiawase 0.7.0

provides command line usage and library to get a middle point of plural points

40.314 Descargas

pry-remote-em 1.1.2

Connect to Pry remotely using EventMachine with tab-completion, paging, user auth and SSL

40.054 Descargas

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