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Reverse dependencies for origin 2.3.1

locomotivecms_steam 1.5.1

The LocomotiveCMS Steam is the rendering stack used by both Wagon and Engine

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origin-selectable_ext 0.1.1

Mongoid Origin query extensions for dynamic query generation

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locomotivecms 4.0.1

Locomotive is designed to save your time and help you focus on what matters: front-end ...

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money-mongoid 0.2.2

Makes it easy to use money with mongoid

19,507 下載

rom-mongo 0.2.0

MongoDB support for Ruby Object Mapper

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mongoid-haystack 1.4.2

a mongoid 3 zero-config, zero-integration, POLS pure mongo fulltext solution

13,429 下載

mongorm 0.0.4

The micro ODM for Mongo. It is a full featured, repository-based ODM that doesnt get in...

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statlysis 0.1.1

Statistic and analysis in Ruby DSL, just as simple as SQL operations in ActiveRecord.

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rmodel 1.1.0

Rmodel is an ORM library, which tends to follow the SOLID principles.

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mongo_aggregation_dsl 0.0.8alpha

An aggregation DSL for use with mongo ruby driver

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mongoid_rails4 4.0.0

Mongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby. copy...

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mongoid_heroku_stable 4.0.0

Mongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby.

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asterank-ruby 0.1.1

Ruby Client to connect to Asterank APIs

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sepastian-mongoid-rails4 4.0.1.alpha

Mongoid fork with support for Rails 4, for gem development. When releasing a gem, the g...

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cenit-api 0.0.1

Provides a Ruby client to interact with a Cenit API using a DSL to route your resources...

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