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phantomjs 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require phantomjs

jasmine 3.10.0

Test your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a...

6,779,832 下载

jasmine-rails 0.15.0

Provides a Jasmine Spec Runner that plays nicely with Rails 3.2 assets and sets up jasm...

3,131,623 下载

unobtainium 0.13.0

Unobtainium wraps Selenium and Appium in a simple driver abstraction so that test c...

601,569 下载

unobtainium-multifind 0.4.0

This gem provides a driver module for unobtainium allowing for more easily finding ...

364,258 下载

unobtainium-multiwait 0.3.0

This gem provides a driver module for unobtainium allowing for more easily waiting ...

310,136 下载

unobtainium-cucumber 0.5.0

The unobtainium-cucucmber gem adds some convenient cucumber specific hooks for use ...

259,535 下载

active_admin-sortable_tree 2.1.0

SortableTree provides sorting of lists and hierarchies from ActiveAdmin index views.

230,502 下载

activeadmin-async_panel 0.2.5

Allows to define special attributes for ActiveAdmin panel to make it AJAX loadable and ...

191,529 下载

activeadmin-ajax_filter 0.5.0

Allows to define form inputs and filters by relation for ActiveAdmin resource pages usi...

168,664 下载

adops_report_scrapper 0.2.52

Adops Report Scrapper is a collection of web scrappers that can automatically extract t...

144,470 下载

flok 0.0.105

Flok is a cross-platform application framework system that exports javascript files

133,470 下载

activeadmin_sortable_table 1.3.0

Drag and drop reordering interface for ActiveAdmin tables

113,601 下载

capybara-bootstrap-datepicker 0.2.2

Helper for triggering date input for bootstrap-datepicker javascript library

112,605 下载

jasmine-phantom 0.0.11

jasmine-phantom provides a rake task, jasmine:phantom:ci, that run...

99,466 下载

think_feel_do_engine 3.22.9

Description of ThinkFeelDoEngine.

89,531 下载

screencap 0.1.4

a gem to grab screenshots of webpages, or just parts of webpages

71,725 下载

teabag 0.7.3

Run Javascript tests using Jasmine, Mocha or QUnit in the browser or headlessly using P...

65,294 下载

boojs 0.0.32

A unix tool to execute javascript on a headless browser

46,974 下载

activeadmin_latlng 1.5.0

Small Active Admin plugin for setting up latitude and longitude.

39,962 下载

bbc-a11y 0.3.1

A tool for testing the compliance of web URLs against the BBC's accessibilty guidelines

32,106 下载

ansi_stream 0.0.6

Javascipt to colorize HTML with span

31,354 下载

gastly 1.1.0

Create screenshots or previews of web pages using Gastly. Under the hood Phantom.js and...

27,879 下载

phantompdf 2.0.0

Generate PDF from HTML using PhantomJS

23,595 下载


STEEM centric Discord bot.

23,397 下载

social_networking 0.13.3

Social networking components, including the feed tool

19,794 下载

phantom_jasmine 0.1.0

Adds a new rake task jasmine:phantom that runs specs in parallel using phantoms js.

19,309 下载

balboa 0.1.7

Make Balboa do the punches for you

14,390 下载



13,839 下载

mathjax-renderer 0.0.9

In case there is a need to pre-render MathJax expressions or insert as images

13,641 下载

page-objectify 0.0.10

A Ruby page class generator (for use with the page-object gem)

12,149 下载

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