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Reverse dependencies for pry-remote Latest version of the following gems require pry-remote

pry-nav 0.3.0

Turn Pry into a primitive debugger. Adds 'step' and 'next' commands to control execution.

11,650,636 下載

pry-debugger 0.2.3

Combine 'pry' with 'debugger'. Adds 'step', 'next', and 'continue' commands to control ...

1,843,542 下載

pry-meta 0.0.10

Meta package that requires several pry extensions.

183,624 下載

lolcommits 0.16.2

lolcommits takes a snapshot with your webcam every time you git commit code, and arch...

164,728 下載

bummr 0.5.0

See Readme

160,426 下載

jazz_hands 0.5.2

Spending hours in the rails console? Spruce it up and show off those hard-working hands...

154,536 下載

wovnrb 2.2.4

Ruby gem for WOVN backend on Rack.

146,666 下載

stbaldricks 10.8.3

Ruby library for accessing and integrating with the St. Baldrick's Foundation API

128,593 下載

alephant-broker 3.19.1

Brokers requests for alephant components

124,199 下載

haml-i18n-extractor 0.5.9

Parse the texts out of the haml files into localization files

101,128 下載

brightbox-cli 3.2.0

Scripts to interact with the Brightbox cloud API

89,687 下載

pulitzer 0.15.31

A content management system that works with your view templates. Keep the presses hot!

86,127 下載

nimbu 0.12.0

Client library and command-line tool to design and manage websites on the Nimbu platform.

80,900 下載

pry-debugger-jruby 2.0.0

Add a JRuby-compatible debugger to 'pry'. Adds 'step', 'next', 'continue', `break` and ...

78,660 下載

alephant-publisher 0.6.10

Static publishing to S3 based on SQS messages

75,839 下載

alephant-renderer 3.2.0

Render HTML snippets

68,929 下載

power-types 0.4.0

Power Types for Rails by Platanus

68,808 下載

alephant-sequencer 3.2.0

Adds sequencing functionality to Alephant.

67,944 下載

crabfarm 0.7.11

Crabfarm lets you build web scrappers using TDD, it is also very opinionated about ...

67,774 下載

alephant-logger 3.1.4

Logger functionality for Alephant

67,677 下載

alephant-lookup 2.2.0

Lookup a location in S3 using DynamoDB.

67,647 下載

jazz_hands2 1.0.2

Spending hours in the rails console? Spruce it up and show off those hard-working hands...

63,521 下載

gamebox 0.5.5

Framework for building and distributing games using Gosu

62,193 下載

alephant-publisher-queue 2.6.0

Static publishing to S3 based on SQS messages

61,305 下載

abstracted 0.4.22

Abstracted has a lot of inspiration from gems like resources_controller by Ian White!

58,984 下載

clark_kent 0.11.3

Get an ad hoc report building UI for any model from your app that you configure for Cla...

58,906 下載

deep_dive 0.3.7

When you have a system of objects that have many references to each other, it becomes a...

55,810 下載

capistrano-template 0.0.9

A capistrano 3 plugin that aids in rendering erb templates and uploads the content to t...

53,570 下載

pincers 0.8.0

Web automation DSL on top of webdriver and nokogiri

49,646 下載

alephant-cache 2.0.1

Simple abstraction layer over S3 for get/put.

43,174 下載

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