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Reverse dependencies for rails 6.0.0

haml 5.1.2

Haml (HTML Abstraction Markup Language) is a layer on top of HTML or XML that's designe...

50,573,885 下載

autoprefixer-rails 9.6.1

Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules usingvalues from the Can I Use website.

36,649,023 下載

dalli 2.7.10

High performance memcached client for Ruby

26,590,337 下載

carrierwave 2.0.0

Upload files in your Ruby applications, map them to a range of ORMs, store them on diff...

24,979,761 下載

browser 2.6.1

Do some browser detection with Ruby.

17,143,643 下載

rails_serve_static_assets 0.0.5

Force Rails to serve static assets

16,578,015 下載

haml-rails 2.0.1

Haml-rails provides Haml generators for Rails 4. It also enables Haml as the templating...

16,107,473 下載

select2-rails 4.0.3

Select2 is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote d...

12,646,575 下載

cucumber-rails 1.8.0

Cucumber Generator and Runtime for Rails

10,331,835 下載

wicked_pdf 1.4.0

Wicked PDF uses the shell utility wkhtmltopdf to serve a PDF file to a user from HTML. ...

10,287,556 下載

less-rails 4.0.0

The dynamic stylesheet language for the Rails asset pipeline. Allows other gems to exte...

9,494,021 下載

cancan 1.6.10

Simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permiss...

9,368,723 下載

react-rails 2.6.0

Render components in views or controller actions. Server-side rendering powered by Exec...

7,842,689 下載

momentjs-rails 2.20.1

Moment.js is a lightweight javascript date library for parsing, manipulating, and forma...

7,327,018 下載

logstash-logger 0.26.1

Ruby logger that writes directly to LogStash

7,046,783 下載

exception_notification 4.4.0

Exception notification for Rails apps

6,582,639 下載

elasticsearch-rails 6.1.0

Ruby on Rails integrations for Elasticsearch.

6,207,843 下載

money-rails 1.13.2

This library provides integration of RubyMoney - Money gem with Rails

6,190,010 下載

cocoon 1.2.14

Unobtrusive nested forms handling, using jQuery. Use this and discover cocoon-heaven.

5,966,730 下載

rails_autolink 1.1.6

This is an extraction of the `auto_link` method from rails. The `auto_link` method was ...

5,456,772 下載

twitter-bootstrap-rails 4.0.0

twitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 4, 3.x Asset...

5,028,054 下載

http_accept_language 2.1.1

Find out which locale the user preferes by reading the languages they specified in thei...

5,021,428 下載

config 2.0.0

Easiest way to manage multi-environment settings in any ruby project or framework: Rail...

4,978,369 下載

jquery-fileupload-rails 1.0.0

jQuery File Upload by Sebastian Tschan integrated for Rails 3.1+ Asset Pipeline

4,793,311 下載

letter_opener_web 1.3.4

Gives letter_opener an interface for browsing sent emails

4,731,281 下載

jasmine 3.4.0

Test your JavaScript without any framework dependencies, in any environment, and with a...

4,659,347 下載

roadie-rails 2.1.0

Hooks Roadie into your Rails application to help with email generation.

4,238,373 下載

dropzonejs-rails 0.8.4

Adds Dropzone, a great JS File upload by Matias Meno, to the Rails Asset pipeline.

4,009,985 下載

audited 4.9.0

Log all changes to your models

3,851,723 下載

activerecord_sane_schema_dumper 1.0

ActiveRecord::SaneSchemaDumper removes useless/harmful whitespace from Rails’ generated...

3,814,776 下載

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.5.0

RubyGems 版本需求: >= 1.8.11