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rbczmqの被依存性 1.7.9

softwear-lib 3.3.7

Common gems and logic for all softwear apps.

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pigato 0.5.1


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deadly_serious 1.0.2

Flow Based Programming Maestro

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profit 0.1.7

This is a client/server combination that allows you to profile code and send the result...

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sciruby-full 0.2.11

Scientific gems for Ruby. This is the full installation with rigid version constraints.

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rmatrix 0.1.20

RMatrix is a lightning fast library for Ruby. It provides numerous enhancements over th...

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job_dispatch 0.2.0

Job Dispatch to workers via ZeroMQ

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mashape-analytics 1.0.5

The ruby agent reports API traffic to

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zlogger 0.1.0

This gem provides a daemon that reads log messages from a ZeroMQ socket. Messages are f...

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irails 0.2.0

A Rails kernel for Jupyter frontends (e.g. notebook). Try it at

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daru_plotly 0.1.2

DEPRECATED: This gem has moved to 'daru-plotly'.

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rpareia 0.0.1

A data deduplication software, based on Pareia

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rails_notebook 1.0.0

Run Rails commands in your web browser for some customised, useful outputs

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camp-rbzmq 0.0.1

Monkey-patched Ruby ZMQ for ICPCCamp

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matrix_creator 1.0.0

Abstraction level RubyGem for the MATRIX Creator device to inte...

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daru-plotly 0.2.0

Draw graph with daru

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