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redcarpetの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require redcarpet

docile 1.3.2

Docile treats the methods of a given ruby object as a DSL (domain specific language) wi...

114,211,238 ダウンロード

google-cloud-env 1.4.0

google-cloud-env provides information on the Google Cloud Platform hosting environment....

37,165,208 ダウンロード

google-cloud-core 1.5.0

google-cloud-core is the internal shared library for google-cloud-ruby.

36,595,081 ダウンロード

google-cloud-storage 1.29.1

google-cloud-storage is the official library for Google Cloud Storage.

26,137,132 ダウンロード

premailer 1.14.2

Improve the rendering of HTML emails by making CSS inline, converting links and warning...

25,770,457 ダウンロード

locale 2.1.3

Ruby-Locale is the pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for localization.

17,057,284 ダウンロード

archive-zip 0.12.0

Archive::Zip provides a simple Ruby-esque interface to creating, extracting, and updati...

15,791,436 ダウンロード

google-cloud-errors 1.0.1

google-cloud-errors defines error classes for google-cloud-ruby.

14,366,100 ダウンロード

slim-rails 3.2.0

Provides the generator settings required for Rails 3+ to use Slim

13,837,191 ダウンロード

ddtrace 0.42.0

ddtrace is Datadog’s tracing client for Ruby. It is used to trace requests as they flow...

12,549,627 ダウンロード

sinatra-contrib 2.1.0

Collection of useful Sinatra extensions

11,198,878 ダウンロード

puppet_forge 2.3.4

Tools that can be used to access Forge API information on Modules, Users, and Releases....

10,641,836 ダウンロード

semantic_puppet 1.0.2

Tools used by Puppet to parse, validate, and compare Semantic Versions and Version Rang...

9,785,665 ダウンロード

pry-rescue 1.5.2

Allows you to wrap code in Pry::rescue{ } to open a pry session at any unhandled except...

8,443,518 ダウンロード

google-cloud-logging 2.1.0

google-cloud-logging is the official library for Stackdriver Logging.

6,555,581 ダウンロード

google-cloud-pubsub 2.1.1

google-cloud-pubsub is the official library for Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

6,485,590 ダウンロード

retries 0.0.5

Retries is a gem for retrying blocks with randomized exponential backoff.

6,186,414 ダウンロード

scenic 1.5.4

Adds methods to ActiveRecord::Migration to create and manage database views in Rails

5,652,147 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-disk-checks 5.1.3

This plugin provides native disk instrumentation for moni...

5,561,849 ダウンロード

ruby-vips 2.0.17

ruby-vips is a binding for the vips image processing library. It is fast and it can pro...

5,145,523 ダウンロード

middleware 0.1.0

Generalized implementation of the middleware abstraction for Ruby.

4,821,630 ダウンロード

stackdriver-core 1.4.0

stackdriver-core is an internal shared library for the Ruby Stackdriver integration lib...

4,692,880 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-memory-checks 4.1.1

This plugin provides native memory instrumentation for mo...

4,260,515 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-process-checks 4.2.1

This plugin provides native process instrumentation for m...

4,133,146 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-http 6.1.0

This plugin provides native HTTP instrumentation for moni...

4,077,472 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-network-checks 5.0.0

This plugin provides native network instrumentation for m...

3,623,849 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-cpu-checks 4.1.0

This plugin provides native CPU instrumentation for monit...

3,443,843 ダウンロード

sensu-plugins-load-checks 5.1.0

This plugin provides native load instrumentation for moni...

3,229,061 ダウンロード

public_activity 1.6.4

Easy activity tracking for your ActiveRecord models. Provides Activity model with detai...

3,163,748 ダウンロード

google-cloud-bigquery 1.23.0

google-cloud-bigquery is the official library for Google BigQuery.

3,071,144 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 43,165,432

現行バージョン 6,095,511

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