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Dependencias inversas para reel Latest version of the following gems require reel

adhearsion 2.6.4

Adhearsion is an open-source telephony development framework

293.062 Descargas

airplay 1.0.5

Send image/video to an airplay enabled device

101.738 Descargas

artoo 1.8.2

Ruby-based microframework for robotics

97.548 Descargas

celluloid_pubsub 2.0.0

CelluloidPubsub is a simple ruby implementation of publish subscribe design patterns us...

97.357 Descargas

angelo 0.5.1

A Sinatra-like DSL for Reel that supports websockets and SSE

94.398 Descargas

linner 0.12.0

HTML5 Application Assembler

83.634 Descargas

berkshelf-api 3.0.0

Berkshelf dependency API server

66.002 Descargas

build-buddy 1.16.4

A build buddy bot with GitHub and Slack integration.

55.975 Descargas

reel-rack 0.2.3

Rack adapter for Reel

51.845 Descargas

airplayer 1.1.0

Command-line AirPlay video client for Apple TV

45.103 Descargas

deepstream 1.0.10

Basic ruby client for the server

40.216 Descargas

ringleader 1.1.8

TCP application host and proxy server

33.693 Descargas

munge 0.19.0

== Documentation Documentation for this release is located in

28.034 Descargas

motherbrain 1.5.0

An orchestrator for Chef

27.198 Descargas

datawire_mdk 2.0.37

Microservices Development Kit: build your own microservices.

26.631 Descargas

snowman-io 0.5.1

SnowmanIO - your personal assistent

17.359 Descargas

eye-http 0.10

Http interface for the Eye gem.

15.182 Descargas

virginia 0.5.2

Gives an Adhearsion app the ability to be controlled and interact over HTTP

14.998 Descargas


Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God. Requires Ruby(MRI) >= 1.9.3-p1...

14.582 Descargas

saorin-server-reel 0.2.0

rell server adapter for saorin

13.095 Descargas

wakame-dolphin 0.0.5

notification service

9.976 Descargas

explorer 0.0.6

A pow! replacement written in ruby.

9.825 Descargas

zulu 0.0.5

A standalone PuSH-inspired service for scheduling web hook execution

9.511 Descargas

lattice 0.2.0

A concurrent realtime web framework for Ruby

7.308 Descargas

pacto-server 0.4.0.rc3

Pacto Server let's you run Pacto as a standalone server to arbitrate contract disputes ...

5.881 Descargas

reeltalk 0.0.0

Web chat system using Celluloid+Reel+Websockets

3.104 Descargas

atr 0.0.1

Pub sub and websockets

2.849 Descargas

api2cart-daemon 0.0.1

Anti throttling proxy server for API2Cart requests

2.766 Descargas

jebanni 0.0.1

SSE Streaming server (not Rack)

2.339 Descargas

stn-dcell 0.16.0

DCell is an distributed object framework based on Celluloid built on 0MQ and Zookeeper

2.306 Descargas

Total de descargas 221.192

Para esta versión 74.143

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