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Reverse dependencies for restforce Latest version of the following gems require restforce

salesforce_bulk_query 0.2.0

A library for downloading data from Salesforce Bulk API. We only focus on querying, oth...

6,193,367 下載

salesforce_bulk_api 1.0.0

Salesforce Bulk API with governor limits taken care of

3,548,776 下載

gooddata 2.1.17

Use the GoodData::Client class to integrate GoodData into your own application or use t...

1,662,633 下載

gooddata 2.1.17

Use the GoodData::Client class to integrate GoodData into your own application or use t...

1,662,633 下載

gooddata-bricks 0.8.0

Provides some utils, simple framework and wraps some commond functionality.

104,405 下載

restforce-db 4.1.1

This gem provides two-way bindings between Salesforce records and records in an Act...

80,743 下載

active_force 0.7.1

Use SalesForce as an ActiveModel

70,448 下載

restforce_mock 0.7.1

Mock for Restforce gem

36,494 下載

logstash-input-salesforce 3.0.7

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

29,830 下載

afc_salesforce 0.1.28

Ruby lib for handling the connection to REST endpoints on any Sandbox and Production Sa...

22,751 下載

openstax_salesforce 5.3.0

Interface gem for accessing OpenStax's Salesforce instance

20,385 下載

databasedotcom_console 0.0.9

Quickly spin up a ruby console that can talk to your salesforce org.

19,712 下載

salesforce_flo 0.0.3

"Salesforce plugin for Flo"

18,504 下載

salesforce-orm 1.3.1

Active record like ORM for Salesforce

17,482 下載

salesforce_streamer 2.3.0

A wrapper around the Restforce Streaming API with a built-in PushTopic manager.

11,947 下載

SFDO-API 1.0.2

Primarily used for automated browser tests, this is a convenient way to manipulate gene...

11,792 下載

salesforce-sql 0.7.0

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

9,492 下載

fluent-plugin-sforce 0.0.6

Fluent Plugin to export data from

5,764 下載

rd_person 0.0.4

Test for RD Station

5,558 下載

mct-rd-salesforce 0.0.3

Gem that connect and create, read, update and destroy person as a leads on salesforce

4,329 下載

rails-salesforce-connect 0.0.11

Base class for salesforce migrations, activerecord types; deduplication rules aware, an...

4,287 下載

sf_integrator 1.0.1

Integration with Sales Force leads.

4,152 下載

fn-salesforce 0.2.2.pre

CLI Tool and Adaptor for working with Salesforce. Intended to be used in conjuncti...

3,931 下載

salesforce_bulk_api_serial_or_parallel 0.6

Salesforce Bulk API with governor limits taken care of, this is a fork off of yatish27/...

3,896 下載

restforce-bulk 0.1.0

Client for Salesforce Bulk API

3,859 下載

tla-sbuilder-salesforce 0.0.4

Sbuilder Salasforce API loader interfaces with Salesforce Rest API, extracts object d...

3,493 下載

salesforce_connect 1.1.0

Easy CRUD operations on SalesForce.

3,100 下載

openstax_active_force 1.1.0

Use SalesForce as an ActiveModel

3,092 下載

rd-salesforce 0.0.2

Integrates Person with salesforce as a Lead.

2,917 下載

salesforce_bulk_client 1.0.0

Salesforce JSON-based Bulk API Client

2,401 下載

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