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Reverse dependencies for semantic_logger Latest version of the following gems require semantic_logger

rails_semantic_logger 4.10.0

Feature rich logging framework that replaces the Rails logger.

4,613,735 下載

logstash-input-jms 3.2.2

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

2,296,730 下載

jruby-jms 1.3.0

jruby-jms is a complete JRuby API into Java Messaging Specification (JMS) V1.1. For JRu...

1,804,082 下載

pact_broker 2.104.0

A server that stores and returns pact files generated by the pact gem. It enables head/...

344,097 下載

lamian 1.5.0

Add logs to your error messages, using exception_notifier or smth like it

259,081 下載

rocketjob 6.1.1

Ruby's missing batch processing system.

239,568 下載

data_cleansing 1.0.3

Data Cleansing framework for Ruby, Rails, and Mongoid.

167,652 下載

parallel_minion 1.3.0

Wrap Ruby code with a minion so that it is run on a parallel thread

132,412 下載

mihari 4.8.0

A framework for continuous OSINT based threat hunting

110,527 下載

cloudtasker 0.13.0

Background jobs for Ruby using Google Cloud Tasks (beta)

100,896 下載

opinionated_http 0.1.2

HTTP Client with retries. Uses PersistentHTTP for http connection pooling, Semantic Log...

77,909 下載

nrser 0.3.12

basic ruby utils i use in a lot of stuff.

74,716 下載

ruby_skynet 2.0.0

Ruby Client for invoking Skynet services

65,830 下載

sinatra-logger 0.3.2

Sinatra Logging is a pain. This gem helps with wiring Access logs, Error logs, and plai...

65,674 下載

miteru 1.2.2

An experimental phishing kit detector

65,290 下載

resque_manager 3.3.13

A Rails engine port of the Sinatra app that is included in Chris Wanstrath's resque gem.

31,612 下載

cayuga 0.0.23

Holder for Cayuga applications and utilities.

30,412 下載

cloudenvoy 0.6.0

Cross-application messaging using GCP Pub/Sub (alpha)

24,860 下載

resilient_socket 0.5.0

A Resilient TCP Socket Client with built-in timeouts, retries, and logging

23,057 下載

punk 0.4.1

Punk! is an omakase web framework for rapid prototyping.

22,050 下載

ruby_doozer 0.8.1

Ruby Client for doozer

21,685 下載

akeneo 1.8.0

API client for accessing Akeneo

21,395 下載

mla_active_duty_status 0.1.8

Write a longer description or delete this line.

15,352 下載

ocean_package 0.18.0

auto package for iOS

14,194 下載

umbrellio-utils 0.6.0

UmbrellioUtils is collection of utility classes and helpers

14,060 下載

semantic_logger_ecs_addon 0.1.15

A semantic logger formatter that formats the logs according to Elastic Common Schema, a...

12,099 下載

minodes-sinatra-logger 0.2.6

Sinatra Logging is a pain. This gem helps with wiring Access logs, Error logs, and plai...

11,399 下載

ja 0.2.2

Opinionated helpers for making JSON calls with the http.rb gem

10,815 下載

tansaku 1.4.0

Yet another dirbuster tool

10,560 下載

github_bitbucket_audit 0.0.4

The library takes a list of users and searches their public repos for specific keywords

10,019 下載

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