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stripe 的反向依赖 5.10.0

stripe-ruby-mock 2.5.8

A drop-in library to test stripe without hitting their servers

3,157,210 下载

stripe_event 2.3.0

Stripe webhook integration for Rails applications.

2,837,520 下载

stripe-rails 1.9.1

A gem to integrate stripe into your rails app

278,007 下载

fake_stripe 0.3.0

An implementation of the Stripe credit card processing service to run during your integ...

238,660 下载

aptible-billing 1.0.1

Ruby client for

127,661 下载

payola-payments 1.5.1

One-off and subscription payments for your Rails application

74,030 下载

paid_up 0.13.10

Allows a model of your choosing (such as users) to subscribe to a plan, which enables f...

65,137 下载

koudoku 2.0.0

Robust subscription support for Rails with Stripe. Provides package levels, coupons, lo...

38,424 下载


Description of Ishapi.

36,042 下载

stripe-cli 1.8.4

a git-style cli, offering a friendly, intuitive interface to all of the Stripe API righ...

33,009 下载

op_cart 0.6.0

Opinionated cart engine for Ruby on Rails

31,625 下载

refinerycms-stores 0.1.0

Complete engine for Stripe gateway-based shopping cart to be used with a RefineryCMS pr...

29,387 下载

stripe_invoice 2.0.1

stripe_invoice adds PDF views and automated emails to your Koudoku-based application

25,930 下载

johnhenry 1.0.22

Launch a landing page on Heroku in less than 10 minutes with JohnHenry. This gem se...

25,530 下载

nimbleshop_stripe 0.0.23

Provides stripe support to nimbleShop

24,347 下载

spree_account_recurring 2.0.0

Spree extension to manage recurring payments/subscriptions using Stripe Payment Gateway.

20,196 下载


PlatformX Gem for PlatformX

18,965 下载


Stripe Payments Integration with Catarse crowdfunding platform.

17,981 下载

stripe_local 0.2.5

A RailsEngine offering local, synchronous access to Stripe Api resources as ActiveRecor...

14,369 下载

payola 1.2.0

Abstraction layer on top of Stripe/Braintree, etc so we can get Payola'ed

11,232 下载

shoppe-stripe 1.3.0

A Stripe module to assist with the integration of Stripe.

10,880 下载

magnetik 0.1.1

Magnetik is a mountable rails engine that allows a model to be turned into a vessel for...

10,144 下载

colt 0.4.5

This gem simplifies subscribing a user to a given recurring plan using Stripe API.

10,036 下载

fjords-client 1.1.1 API

8,591 下载

status_cat 5.2.1

This engine makes monitoring the status of your Rails environment easier. It provi...

7,344 下载

stripe_saas 0.0.9

A Rails Engine that provides everything you need to Stripe enable your app.

6,509 下载

pay 1.0.2

A Ruby on Rails subscription engine.

6,468 下载

locomotive_ecommerce_plugin 1.0.6

Locomotive plugin for ecommerce including a shopping cart

6,089 下载

stripe_webhooks 0.5

Provides an endpoint for captring data posted via Webhooks in Stripe, ...

5,979 下载

camaleon_ecommerce 2.0.4

This is a simple E-Commerce plugin that permits to start selling in about 10 minutes, b...

5,804 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3.0