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Reverse dependencies for stripe 5.11.0

stripe_rails 0.0.3

Stripe Rails was built on top of the official stripe gem to bring ease of use of stripe...

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tb_commerce 0.0.4

Provides production management and shopping functionality to Twice Baked websites

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stripe_wrapper 0.1.6

Wrapper around Stripe for rails.

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A drop-in library to test stripe without hitting their servers

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filly 0.1.1

This gem implements the credit card related functionality and credential check using St...

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stripe_mock 0.1.1

Mimic Stripe calls without hitting Stripe's servers

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spree_marketplace 3.1.4

By extending Spree Drop Ship to enable supplier payments Spree works as a Marketplace.

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at-stripe 0.0.2

Simplified Stripe API

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bank_teller 0.1.1

A subscription billing interface modeled after Laravel Cashier

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piggybak_stripe 0.0.2

Integration of Stripe payment gateway for use with Piggybak

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chivas 0.1.1

This gem can be used to implement guest checkout and one click checkout using Stripe API.

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trado_stripe_module 0.1.4

Module for Stripe payment functionality in the Trado Ecommerce platform.

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stripe_helper 0.0.3

Provides a Cell to render a 'Pay with Stripe' button and handle the response from Stripe.

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saaz 0.0.0

Handling Stripe subscriptions and charges within Rails applications

1,795 下載

pandapay 0.0.0.dev2

PandaPay Ruby Bindings

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kkt_shoppe-stripe 2.0.0

A Stripe module to assist with the integration of Stripe.

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stripe-decline-rate 0.0.2

Get visibility into actual ratios of successful charges and failed charge attempts uniq...

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stripe_clerk 0.2

Stripe Payment method for office_clerk ecommerce system.

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lightrail_stripe 1.0.1

Acquire and retain customers using account credits, gift cards, promotions, and points.

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tang 0.0.1

A Stripe subscription gem.

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amdirent_stripe 0.1.0

Helpers for Stripe

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doctor-strange 0.1.2

A Rails plug-in, which checks various services (db, cache, sidekiq, redis, stripe, mail...

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cash_out 0.1.0

A gem to ease setup of Stripe Marketplace Payments

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saas_payments 0.1.1

Manage plans for your SAAS app

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thumbjive-koudoku 1.5.0

Robust subscription support for Rails with Stripe. Provides package levels, coupons, lo...

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fiat_stripe 0.1.0

This gem is designed to be used by Fiat Insight developers on Rails projects that need ...

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pay_me 0.5.0

Wildland Rails Payment module.

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