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Reverse dependencies for travis-lint Latest version of the following gems require travis-lint

stringex 2.8.5

Some [hopefully] useful extensions to Ruby's String class. Stringex is made up of three...

28,354,604 下載

nesty 1.0.2

Nested exception support for Ruby

3,133,733 下載

toadhopper 2.1

A base library for Airbrake error reporting

1,354,870 下載

google_contacts_api 0.7.1

Lets you read from the Google Contacts API. Posting to come later.

993,789 下載

which_works 1.0.2

Locates a program file in the user's path. The which method takes a list of command nam...

746,524 下載

middleman-s3_sync 4.0.3

Only syncs files that have been updated to S3.

590,540 下載

http_stub 0.28.1

A service virtualization tool that encourages contract based tests in API consumers and...

194,566 下載

smalruby 0.1.11

smalruby is a 2D game development library. This is part of "Smalruby" project that is a...

173,497 下載

smalruby 0.1.11

smalruby is a 2D game development library. This is part of "Smalruby" project that is a...

173,497 下載

falkorlib 0.8.10

This is my personal library I use to share the Ruby tidbits and Rake tasks I made it fo...

162,618 下載

escort 0.4.0

Writing even complex command-line apps should be quick, easy and fun. Escort takes the ...

116,488 下載

rails-bigint-pk 1.2.0

Rails-bigint-pk modifies Rails so that it uses 64-bit primary and f...

88,451 下載

safe_yaml-instructure 0.8.0

Parse YAML safely, without that pesky arbitrary object deserialization vulnerability

75,583 下載

simpler_workflow 0.3.3

A wrapper around Amazon's Simple Workflow Service

63,228 下載

http_server_manager 0.5.1

Manages the lifecycle of HTTP server processes

56,965 下載

scide 1.0.0

GNU screen wrapper to open terminal tabs for projects with a .screenrc file.

42,495 下載

wait_until 0.3.1

Suspends execution until state changes via ::Wait.until! methods, timing-out after a co...

42,176 下載

rake-version 1.0.1

Rake tasks to manage your VERSION file. No repository management (tags, committing, pus...

40,932 下載

yup 0.2.1

Just answers 200 (or specified) to a client and asynchronously forwards HTTP request to...

40,559 下載

dxruby_sdl 0.0.17

`dxruby-sdl` is a ruby library for 2D graphics and game. It has same DXRuby API. It use...

40,355 下載

lab42_core 0.5.1

Functional Access to Methods - Memoization - Extending Array, Hash, File, Enumerable wi...

39,488 下載

seatbelt 1.0.0

Goal is to provide custom, high quality and high level assertions for Ruby and Ruby on ...

39,108 下載

feed2email 0.11.1

RSS/Atom feed updates in your email

38,066 下載

build_eval 0.0.16

Evaluates the effective status of continuous integration builds. Useful for subsequent ...

36,531 下載

http_stub_docker 0.1.3

Tools for building and distributing http_stub Docker containers

31,400 下載

rspec-solr 3.0.0

Provides RSpec custom matchers to be used with Solr response objects.

31,288 下載

guard-lono 1.0.1

Guard::Lono automatically builds cloud formation templates from lono erb templates.

29,000 下載

sys-proctree 0.0.11

Discovers and kills process trees via analysing running process lists

27,755 下載

jirafe 1.0.0

Client for Jirafe analytics web service

27,062 下載

ronin-wrapper 0.1.3

A wrapper to enable masterless configuration management, using Chef and/or Puppet.

24,054 下載

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