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turnipの被依存性 4.1.0

tapp 1.5.1

tap { pp self }

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turnip_formatter 0.7.2

RSpec custom formatter for Turnip

448,043 ダウンロード

acceptance_test 1.11.7

Description: simplifies congiguration and run of acceptance tests.

189,279 ダウンロード

rutabaga 3.0.2

Allows using feature from within RSpec and is built on top of Turnip

107,585 ダウンロード

tapp-awesome_print 1.0.1

provide awesome_print support for tapp

74,759 ダウンロード

rspec-xml 0.1.1

One simple matcher for now

59,846 ダウンロード

usmu 1.4.6

Usmu is a static site generator built in Ruby that leverages the Tilt API to support ma...

47,825 ダウンロード

usmu 1.4.6

Usmu is a static site generator built in Ruby that leverages the Tilt API to support ma...

47,825 ダウンロード

dtf 0.4.1

DTF is a modular testing framework skeleton. This is the control gem containing the db ...

44,378 ダウンロード

intacctrb 0.9.5

Ruby lib to communicate with the Intacct API system. Forked from

29,889 ダウンロード

serif 0.6

Serif is a static site generator and blogging system powered by markdown files and an o...

29,772 ダウンロード

benoit 0.4.0

The CLI interface behind the Benoit Mac app

15,124 ダウンロード

gates_of_moria 0.0.7

A simple quiz to test Ruby knowledge

11,556 ダウンロード

rspec-smart-formatter 0.0.4

When you run individual specs, I want to see documentation output, because it shows bet...

9,540 ダウンロード

acceptance_testing 0.2.2

Acceptance testing

7,908 ダウンロード

table_beet 0.0.4

Reference generator for Turnip steps of exists

7,761 ダウンロード

picobox 0.3.52

Docker development environment for humans

6,284 ダウンロード

integra 0.0.4

A nice set of defaults for webapp integration tests, no matter what language your appli...

6,074 ダウンロード

bitbroker 0.1.5

Yet another File Synchronize Software using AMQP

5,349 ダウンロード

usmu-s3 1.0.3

S3 publishing plugin for Usmu.

4,815 ダウンロード

turnip-kanban 0.0.1

Adds "wip" and "backlog" tags to rspec allowing you to commit scenarios without having ...

4,645 ダウンロード

vigilem-win32_api 0.0.12

Windows API Bindings and DOM converter for Vigilem

3,842 ダウンロード

vigilem-assembly 0.0.13

Provides facitlities to Assemble together the Vigilem gems

3,808 ダウンロード


tap { pp self } decorated with CRAZY HANKAKU KANAs around

3,767 ダウンロード

captureful_formatter 0.0.2

Yet another RSpec custom formatter for Turnip. Take screenshots step by step.

3,748 ダウンロード

reportability 0.2.1


3,659 ダウンロード

allure_turnip 0.4.0

Adaptor to use Allure framework along with the Turnip

3,445 ダウンロード

bad_bot 0.9

Avoid bad keywords from being indexed by google and other robots.

3,370 ダウンロード

rulezilla 0.1.5

Rules DSL

3,031 ダウンロード

vigilem-core 0.1.0

Core components for Vigilem handlers and Converters

2,964 ダウンロード

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