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uuid 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require uuid

allure-ruby-adaptor-api 0.7.2

This is a helper library containing the basics for any ruby-based Allure adaptor.

3,636,777 下载

allure-ruby-commons 2.18.0

Utilities allowing to implement allure result generation by other test frameworks

3,481,059 下载

emailage 1.1.0

Emailage is a Fraud Prevention Solution. This gem implements a client for the Emailage ...

3,459,046 下载

etcd 0.3.0

Ruby client library for etcd

1,296,167 下载

telesign 2.2.4

TeleSign Ruby SDK

802,186 下载

roadworker 0.5.15

Roadworker is a tool to manage Route53. It defines the state of Route53 using DSL, and ...

672,954 下载

cloudwatchlogger 0.3.0

Logger => CloudWatchLogs

568,081 下载

invoker 1.5.8

Something small for process management

502,560 下载

mongoid-slug 6.0.1

Mongoid URL slug or permalink generator

495,399 下载

rhodes 7.5.1

Rhodes mobile framework

460,927 下载

codeclimate 0.87.0

Code Climate command line tool

432,944 下载

oa-enterprise 0.3.2

Enterprise strategies for OmniAuth.

414,950 下载

mongoid_slug 4.0.0

Mongoid URL slug or permalink generator

335,375 下载

ruby-growl 4.1

A pure-ruby growl notifier for UDP and GNTP growl protocols. ruby-growl allows you to ...

335,304 下载

xclarity_client 0.6.9

Lenovo XClarity API Client

211,052 下载

bcl 0.7.1

This gem contains helper methods for generating the Component XML file needed to upload...

182,763 下载

kookaburra 3.0.1

Cucumber + Capybara = Kookaburra? It made sense at the time.

170,495 下载

inetmgr 0.7.0

inetmgr allows you to inspect/configure IIS configuration sections and elements.

145,517 下载

fanforce-api 1.6.0

Ruby API wrapper for Fanforce

135,167 下载

pubnub-ruby 3.4.1

Ruby anywhere in the world in 250ms with PubNub!

122,635 下载

escobar 0.4.17

Heroku pipelines and GitHub Deployments

121,615 下载

mrpin-sdk 1.0.84

Mrpin sdk for backend development.

111,442 下载


Appjam is iOS code repository, including framework, snippet, generators, etc.

110,986 下载

mu 5.7.41

The Mu gem allows users to include Mu libraries within scripts that interact with t...

110,027 下载

pandexio 0.0.11

Pandexio SDK for Ruby

109,495 下载


Engine for api

109,028 下载

asir 1.2.11

Abstracting Services in Ruby

107,652 下载

deploygate 0.8.4

You can control to DeployGate in your terminal

87,055 下载

xcodebuilder 0.1.13

A set of Rake tasks and utilities for building and releasing xcode projects

86,422 下载

ci_in_a_can 0.3.0

Fast CI. Still a WIP.

85,241 下载

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