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Reverse dependencies for watir Latest version of the following gems require watir

scrap_kit 0.1.16

Run JSON-based recipes to scrap web sites.

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bookingscrapper 2.0.3

Scraps the hotel data from booking

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power_school 0.0.4

Interact with PowerSchool

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watir_session 0.2.3

This gem leverages the Watir test library to allow for easy access to configurarion and...

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tapestry 0.7.0

Weaving a semantic DSL to construct fluent interfaces for test execution logic.

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watirloo 0.0.8

Helps you write tests in the language of the customer's domain

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watir-customize_elements 0.0.5

Automatically instantiates custom HTML tag names into watir-webdriver and\or page-objec...

6,173 下載

marekj-watirloo 0.0.5

Custom Extensions for Watir, Firewatir. Acceptance Test Helper based on semantic page o...

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cloud_door 0.0.3

This gem can access different cloud storage through same interface. This gem supports D...

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owrb 0.0.4

Web scripts.

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kaspay 0.1.2

A gem to access KasPay web using watir gem and X virtual framebuffer wrapped by headles...

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targetmy 0.1.3

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video_grabber 1.9

VideoGrabber crawl headlessly websites to extract their videos

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ebaytool 0.0.2

Full description here

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watir-wait_with_refresh 0.0.1

Watir::WaitWithRefresh extends Watir to include methods that will refresh the page unti...

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family_wellness_daily 0.0.3

A command line interface to view daily classes at Family Wellness in Fargo by category.

4,493 下載

bcaparser 0.1.2

Gem ini berfungsi untuk automatisasi dalam mengambil informasi saldo dan mutasi rekenin...

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girbot 0.2.3

Girbot wants to help you automate boring tasks. You define steps which can be run in di...

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pointmd_comments 0.2.1

This gem lets you aggregate comments from website into a csv file.

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ydim-html 1.0.3

ywesee distributed invoice manager. A Ruby gem

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slack_status_tracker 0.1.0.pre.4

Command line tool to get the status of current users

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menthol 0.2.0

Thai bank accounts balance scraper

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emils_screen_scraper 0.1

A class for clicking images on the screen, on windows machines. Usable for watir testin...

3,915 下載

leap_salesforce_ui 0.1.7

This gem helps ones to perform integration tests on Salesforce. It reads the Metadata f...

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watir_shot 0.0.2

Capture screenshot by watir.

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instascrap 0.0.8

instascrap gem allows to download image and videos

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instaman 0.1.5

The Instaman gem interacts with the latest posts on the Instagram according to hashtags...

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symbiote 0.2.0

Provides a semantic DSL to construct fluent interfaces for test execution logic.

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cic-tools 0.0.1

cic tools

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monese_csv_downloader 0.1.6

Uses chrome-webdriver to download account statements from the Monese web interface

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