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aws-auth 0.9.1

Rack middleware that provides AWS (Amazon Web Services) style authentication.

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aws-base 0.1.0

Do the dirty stuff for AWS usage

2 531 Téléchargements

awsbix 0.0.8

automates adding/removing hosts to Zabbix

8 027 Téléchargements

aws_blue_green_deploy 0.0.1

Provide an interface for conducting Blue Green deployments in AWS EC2 using ASG's and E...

1 682 Téléchargements

awsborn 0.9.11

Awsborn lets you define and launch a server cluster on Amazon EC2.

121 114 Téléchargements

aws-broker 0.0.11

Ruby pub-sub on AWS

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aws-cache 0.0.11

You know, to avoid api throttling errors.

13 477 Téléchargements

aws-carb 0.0.9

a tool for provisioning ec2 instances with a templated cloudinit configuration, with th...

10 259 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-compiler 0.9.27

The idea is to create a folder structure to better manage pieces of a CloudFormation de...

75 814 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-decompiler 0.9.6

The idea is to extract a big CloudFormation template into a folder structure to better ...

26 113 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-dsl 0.9.7

Ruby DSL for creating Cloudformation templates

31 964 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-resources 0.2.2

Mixes methods into AWS::CloudFormation::Stack to make it easy to retrieve resource obje...

5 226 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-stacker 0.0.6

A CloudFormation stack management helper to do stack CRUD and chaining. It eases the pa...

4 704 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-yats 0.1.9

AWS Cloudformation templates expressed with a Ruby DSL, YAML or JSON in a modular fashion

15 065 Téléchargements

aws_cf_signer 0.1.3

Ruby gem for signing AWS Cloudfront URLs for serving private content.

2 120 224 Téléchargements

aws-cft-tools 0.1.3

Tools for managing a cloud deployment in AWS with state held in AWS.

1 236 Téléchargements

awsclean 1.0

CLI to clean up AWS AMIs and ECR images

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aws-clean 0.2.0

AWS clean tool

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aws-cleaner 2.3.0

AWS Cleaner cleans up after EC2 instances are terminated

11 885 Téléchargements

aws-cleanup 1.0.1

Clean up expired AWS assets (test instances, etc)

936 Téléchargements

awscli 0.2.8

Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services built in Ruby, using Fog and Thor

90 096 Téléchargements

aws-cli 0.0.1.pre4

This gem contains a command-line "aws" script, which provides an interface to certain A...

1 206 Téléchargements

awsclient 0.1.6

Provides a set of AWS API client objects that can be instantiated using credential file...

5 540 Téléchargements

aws_client 0.1.3

A very light-weight wrapper for my most commonly used AWS functions

10 296 Téléchargements

aws_cli_wrapper 0.2.0

Ruby wrapper around AWS CLI client, focusing on templatizing JSON parameter files with ERb

2 188 Téléchargements

aws-cloudfront 0.0.6

This tool enables you to manage your CloudFront distributions via Ruby or command line.

33 270 Téléchargements

aws_cloud_map 0.2.0

An easy to use object-oriented library for accessing and manipulating Amazon EC2 inform...

6 894 Téléchargements

aws_cloud_search 0.0.2

AWSCloudSearch Search gem

30 220 Téléchargements

aws-codedeploy-agent 0.1.0

CodeDeploy Agent is responsible for doing the actual work of deploying software on an i...

30 105 Téléchargements

aws-codedeploy-session-helper 0.9.1

See readme of the code on GitHub,

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