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awsadm 0.1.1

Manage your AWS resources from the command-line.

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aws_agcod 0.1.0

Amazon Gift Code On Demand (AGCOD) API v2 implementation for ...

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aws_agcod_2 1.1.1

Amazon Gift Code On Demand (AGCOD) API v2 implementation for distributing Amazon gift c...

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aws-alert-monitor 0.1.0

I watch an SQS queue and escalate alert messages.

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awsam 0.2.1

Amazon Web Services Account Manager (modeled after 'rvm')

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aws-ami 0.0.9

A tool for creating AWS AMI from a base AMI and an install packages script

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AWS Architect is a ruby gem to configure and deploy AWS-based microservices.

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aws_as_code 1.0.6

Provides a way to track your AWS infrastructure as a code in your version control system.

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aws-asg-fleet 0.1.0

AWS Auto Scaling Fleets

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aws_assume_role 1.2.1

Used to fetch multiple AWS Role Credential Keys using different Session Keys and store ...

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aws_auditor 0.1.3

Helps with AWS configuration

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aws-auth 0.9.1

Rack middleware that provides AWS (Amazon Web Services) style authentication.

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aws-base 0.1.0

Do the dirty stuff for AWS usage

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awsbix 0.0.8

automates adding/removing hosts to Zabbix

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aws_blue_green_deploy 0.0.1

Provide an interface for conducting Blue Green deployments in AWS EC2 using ASG's and E...

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awsborn 0.9.11

Awsborn lets you define and launch a server cluster on Amazon EC2.

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aws-broker 0.0.11

Ruby pub-sub on AWS

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aws-cache 0.0.11

You know, to avoid api throttling errors.

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aws-carb 0.0.9

a tool for provisioning ec2 instances with a templated cloudinit configuration, with th...

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aws-cfn-compiler 0.9.27

The idea is to create a folder structure to better manage pieces of a CloudFormation de...

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aws-cfn-decompiler 0.9.6

The idea is to extract a big CloudFormation template into a folder structure to better ...

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aws-cfn-dsl 0.9.7

Ruby DSL for creating Cloudformation templates

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aws-cfn-resources 0.2.2

Mixes methods into AWS::CloudFormation::Stack to make it easy to retrieve resource obje...

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aws-cfn-stacker 0.0.6

A CloudFormation stack management helper to do stack CRUD and chaining. It eases the pa...

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aws-cfn-yats 0.1.9

AWS Cloudformation templates expressed with a Ruby DSL, YAML or JSON in a modular fashion

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aws_cf_signer 0.1.3

Ruby gem for signing AWS Cloudfront URLs for serving private content.

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aws-cft-tools 0.1.3

Tools for managing a cloud deployment in AWS with state held in AWS.

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awsclean 1.0

CLI to clean up AWS AMIs and ECR images

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aws-clean 0.2.0

AWS clean tool

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aws-cleaner 2.3.0

AWS Cleaner cleans up after EC2 instances are terminated

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