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aviglitch 0.1.5

A Ruby library to destroy your AVI files.

29,330 下载

av-ip 0.0.0

A simple ruby wrapper for quick ip geolocation

722 下载

avira_update_mirrors 0.1.0

Avira update mirrors

3,134 下载

avi_says 0.1.0

Shit Avi Says!

10,379 下载

avi_says_shit 0.0.5

Shit Avi Says!

10,108 下载

avito 0.0.1

Gem for working with avito service

2,817 下载

avl_tree 1.2.1

AVL tree, Red black tree and Lock-free Red black tree in Ruby

1,238,985 下载

avmuresan-product_api 0.1.0

Much longer explanation of the example!

2,481 下载

avocado 0.0.35

Avocado is an opinionated, semantic front-end framework for rails applications.

58,633 下载

avocado-docs 4.0.3

Avocado listens for JSON responses in the test environment and generates a YAML file de...

24,145 下载

avocado_formatter 0.0.3

RSpec/Cucumber formatter that connects with Avocado

1,327 下载

avocado-redis 0.3.0

Redis storage adapter for Avocado.

1,158 下载

avocado-sass 0.0.6

Avocado is an opinionated, semantic SASS framework.

8,582 下载

avod 0.0.1

avod cloud client

2,216 下载

avodeploy 0.6.1

Avocado is a flexible deployment framework for web applications.

7,623 下载

avoid_has_permalink_duplicates 0.0.2

This is an add-on to avoid 'has_permalink' gem duplicates/conflicts in Rails by adding ...

3,168 下载

avo-setup 0.0.33

Set up an Avocado Enviromnment to start a new rails project

87,565 下载

avospush 0.0.1

AVOS Push Help you push

1,849 下载

AvrijAnalyticsUtility 0.5.4

Utility Gem

15,186 下载

avro 1.8.2

Avro is a data serialization and RPC format

852,046 下载

avro2json 0.1.0

Decodes Avro data files and converts the data to JSON

2,788 下载

avro2kafka 0.4.1

Publish Avro files to Kafka in JSON format

6,529 下载

avro-builder 0.16.0

Ruby DSL to create Avro schemas

64,049 下载

avrocado 0.2.2

Wraps the avro.jar with a straightforward API for serializing/deserializing

6,026 下载

avro-jruby 1.7.5

Avro is a data serialization and RPC format

2,549 下载

avrolution 0.6.1

Support for the evolution of Avro schemas stored in a schema registry.

5,975 下载

avro_machine 0.0.1

EventMachine server for Avro

1,849 下载

avromatic 2.0.1

Generate Ruby models from Avro schemas

51,049 下载

avro-patches 0.4.0

Patches for the official Apache Avro Ruby implementation

43,511 下载

avro_pinions 1.0.0

Opinionated way to use AVRO in Ruby

408 下载