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axeman 0.0.1

Records each action used by your application and stores the number of times it was used...

3,596 下载

axe-matchers 2.6.1

axe-matchers provides matchers that wrap the axe-core accessibility library. The matc...

1,823,051 下载

axeml 0.0.7

AxeML is a notation for Nokogiri XML documents inspired by SXML

20,542 下载

axial_notifier 0.1.0

Send Rails exception to the Axial Service via Syslog

4,133 下载

axinite 0.0.11

Axinite is a clean and minimal theme for Jekyll.

2,606 下载

axiom 0.2.0

Simplifies querying of structured data using relational algebra

109,281 下载

axiom-arango-adapter 0.0.2

The ArangoDB axiom adapter

5,199 下载

axiom-do-adapter 0.2.0

Use Axiom relations with an RDBMS

5,442 下载

axiom-memory-adapter 0.2.1

Use Axiom relations with an in-memory datastore

12,233 下载

axiom_of_choice 1.0.0

Adds selection of arbitrary elements to Ruby's Set classes.

5,353 下载

axiom-optimizer 0.2.0

Optimizes axiom relations

10,103 下载

axiom-sql-generator 0.2.0

Generate SQL from a axiom relation

5,879 下载

axiom-types 0.1.1

Define types with optional constraints for use within axiom and other libraries.

42,521,332 下载

axiomus_api 0.6.1

This gem provides a Ruby wrapper over Axiomus API.

20,152 下载

axios_rails 0.14.0

Adds Axios into your Rails app.

34,150 下载

axis 0.3.0

This adaptor exposes the Axis DB. Yeah it does!

3,226 下载

axis-netcam 0.2.1

Provides a Ruby interface for interacting with network cameras from Axis Communications.

10,883 下载

axis-rails 0.0.1

Injects stylus, axis framework, slim, layouts, and assets into your rails app

2,945 下载

axl 0.1.2

Ruby Bindings for the Cisco Administrative XML (AXL) API

4,044 下载

axle 0.0.1

Axle is a simple web framework for client-side apps.

2,989 下载

axle_attributes 1.13.2


1,942 下载

axle-producer_consumer 0.0.1

Threaded producer/consumer model. Useful when you have an expensive data producer, such...

3,170 下载

axlsx 2.0.1

xlsx spreadsheet generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable s...

9,799,919 下载

axlsx-alt 3.0.1

xlsx spreadsheet generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable s...

33,420 下载

axlsx-builder 0.0.1

An extension of Axlsx that allows you create spreadsheets blueprints for easy sheet gen...

1,724 下载

axlsx_enhanced 0.1.2

Enhances axlsx styling while building a spreadsheet by ruby code

560 下载

axlsx_rad 0.0.2

Efficiently create styled spreadsheets using JsonDoc::Document objects

4,275 下载

axlsx_rails 0.6.1

Axlsx_Rails provides an Axlsx renderer so you can move all your spreadsheet code from y...

6,593,460 下载

axlsx_report 0.1.4

Declarative excel reports based on axlsx.

3,057 下载

axlsx_styler 1.1.0

Build clean and maintainable styles for your axlsx spreadsheets. Build your spreadsheee...

772,697 下载