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  1. 9,864 downloads
    app-store-emigrant (0.0.9) App Store Emigrant will manually attempt to verify whether any of your local mobile applications ...
  2. 13,928 downloads
    app_store_pricing_matrix (2.1.0) A simple module that holds currencies and prices from the Apple's iOS App Store.
  3. 1,542 downloads
    appstorm_concatenator (0.0.1) Simply concatenates two iPhone screenshots into a single 620px wide image.
  4. 1,988 downloads
    appswarm (0.0.1) AppSwarm is/will be an application framework for developing distributed applications across a p2p...
  5. 1,694 downloads
    apptamers-bootstrap (1.0.3) Apptamers Bootstrap is a basic design for SaaS application created by Apptamers
  6. 2,344 downloads
    apptap (0.0.2) AppTap makes it easy to manage service dependencies for your apps. It uses an app-local installat...
  7. 4,689 downloads
    app-tester ( Command-line Framework to run functional tests against a web application (API, Website, etc)
  8. 7,195 downloads
    app-themer (0.4.6) App Themer is a rails generator inspired by web-app-theme that allows you to quickly generate a c...
  9. 538 downloads
    appthwack (0.1) API client for Appthwack
  10. 1,129 downloads
    appurify (0.5.2) API client for Appurify
  11. 9,312 downloads
    appush_client (0.6) Ruby client library for Appush PUSH service.
  12. 2,100 downloads
    app_version (0.1.7) App Version Gem originally App Version Rails Plugin from, u...
  13. 5,050 downloads
    app-version-git (0.0.4) Show version number based on git commit counts and enable to show change log from commit messages
  14. 1,340 downloads
    appyantra_admin (0.0.1) Rails 3 engine for managing an app's assets, users, pages, blog, SEO and Social Media Integration
  15. 11,353 downloads
    appygram (1.0.5) Discovers topics and sends messages
  16. 10,793 downloads
    appygram-rails (1.0.6) appygram-rails sends uncaught Rails exceptions as traces to the hosted messaging service at http:...
  17. 3,820 downloads
    app-yml-rails (0.1.2) An awesome app.yml gem for Rails. Supports App.settings.nested_setting syntax, all/production/sta...
  18. 1,126 downloads
    apricot (0.0.2) A compiler for a Clojure-like programming language on the Rubinius VM
  19. 9,477 downloads
    apricoteatsgorilla (0.5.13) SOAP communication helper
  20. 2,023 downloads
    april (0.0.0) IRC Client Library
  21. 2,048 downloads
    aprilfool ( A joke gem.
  22. 727 downloads
    april_oneil (0.0.2) xctool reporter
  23. 3,989 downloads
    apriori (0.2.2) Ruby Apriori is a library to efficiently find item association rules within large sets of transac...
  24. 1,994 downloads
    apriori-rails ( Ruby Apriori is a library to efficiently find item association rules within large sets of transac...
  25. 6,052 downloads
    apropos (0.1.2) Apropos helps your site serve up the appropriate image for every visitor. Serving multiple versio...
  26. 6,862 downloads
    aprova_facil (1.4.0) Gem para integração de aplicação Ruby com o gateway de pagamento Aprova Fácil da Cobre Bem.
  27. 10,594 downloads
    aproxacs-s3sync (1.3.6) Fork of s3sync to be compatible with ruby 1.9.
  28. 1,519 downloads
    aprs (0.0.1) Will include tools to encode/decode APRS-IS packets, and other things as I think of them.
  29. 1,662 downloads
    apsis (0.1.0) A simple API wrapper for the APSIS mail marketing service.
  30. 5,400 downloads
    apsis-on-steroids (0.0.8) A Ruby API for the Apsis mail service.