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  1. 5,619 downloads
    archipelago_rbtree (0.3.0) A patched version of the rbtree code that accepts each and reverse_each with offsets.
  2. 439 downloads
    archipel-api (4) Ruby API for Archipel Agent, an XMPP-based orchestrator. See
  3. 3,917 downloads
    architect (0.1.0) Architect is a JavaScript library built on top of Web Workers that will handle and polyfill HTML ...
  4. 13,288 downloads
    architect4r ( This gem is intended for making a neo4j graph db accessible by providing a ruby wrapper for the R...
  5. 581 downloads
    architects (0.0.1) Architects is a RESTful API framework
  6. 55,086 downloads
    architecture-js (0.6.3) Architecture.js helps you generate scaffolding, manage third-party packages, compile, and compres...
  7. 11,594 downloads
    archive (0.0.6) Simple library to manage tar and zip archives with libarchive and FFI
  8. 8,235 downloads
    archive_2s (0.0.6) Sometimes you just need a descriptive value of an item you are archiving. This is what archive_2...
  9. 595 downloads
    archiveable (0.0.6) Archiveable concern for rails models
  10. 2,038 downloads
    archive-gem (0.0.1) A Ruby Class to extract a gem or parts of a gem - does not require RubyGems to be installed
  11. 568 downloads
    archive_lister (0.0.1) Ask archives about URLs
  12. 4,074 downloads
    archiver (1.1.0) Archiver is a simple gem to rename photos and videos depending on creation date and exif informat...
  13. 785 downloads
    archiverb (0.9.0) Native Ruby implementations of tar and ar archives
  14. 1,985 downloads
    archives (0.0.1) Ruby Gem for Korea Government Archives Search OpenAPI
  15. 2,523 downloads
    archive-tar (0.9.0) An interface library for reading and writing UNIX tar files.
  16. 1,502 downloads
    archive-tar2 (1.5) Improved TAR implementation in Ruby
  17. 11,168 downloads
    archive-tar-external (1.3.2) The archive-tar-external is a simple wrapper interface for creating tar files using your ...
  18. 2,362,624 downloads
    archive-tar-minitar (0.5.2) Archive::Tar::Minitar is a pure-Ruby library and command-line utility that provides the ability t...
  19. 6,265 downloads
    archive-tarsimple (1.1.1) A simple way to create tar archives
  20. 9,306 downloads
    archive_tree (1.0.3) ArchiveTree is a Ruby Gem that makes it easy for you to create beautiful chronological archive tr...
  21. 1,946 downloads
    archive_uploader (0.2) Upload stats to stat_fu webserver
  22. 42,455 downloads
    archive-zip (0.6.0) Archive::Zip provides a simple Ruby-esque interface to creating, extracting, and updating ZIP arc...
  23. 10,471 downloads
    archivist (1.1.2) This is a functional replacement for acts_as_archive in rails 3 application...
  24. 1,650 downloads
    archivist-client (0.1.6) archivist-client queries for book data and downloads some things.
  25. 247 downloads
    arc-laravel (0.0.4) Capistrano files for deploying Laravel apps at Architect
  26. 3,002 downloads
    ar-column-as (0.0.3) Adds a few simple helper methods that can be used with ActiveRecord::select.
  27. 2,460 downloads
    ar_condition (0.0.2) The SQL Condition builder for ActiveRecord Ruby on Rails.
  28. 2,585 downloads
    ar-configurator (1.1.0) Fatten your models with key/value pairs
  29. 1,964 downloads
    ar_connection_pool (1.0.0) ar_connection_pool was developed by: markbates
  30. 1,249 downloads
    ar_counter (0.0.1) A simple model to model stats/counter. It behaves similar to ActiveRecord counter cache but it w...