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  1. 6,544 downloads
    alpha-simprini-engine (0.0.4) Comes with some plugins configured and some coffeescript/css/assets preloaded for JOY
  2. 1,269 downloads
    alphmeric (0.0.1) Converts letter to numbers and numbers to letters. For example, '23' will conver to 'W' or 'w' w...
  3. 2,502 downloads
    alphonse (0.0.5) Deploy like The Fonz
  4. 4,377 downloads
    alsa-backup (0.10) ALSA client to perform continuous recording
  5. 4,120 downloads
    alsa-rawmidi (0.2.14) Realtime MIDI input and output with Ruby for Linux.
  6. 41,094 downloads
    also_migrate (0.3.6) Migrate multiple tables with similar schema at once.
  7. 1,356 downloads
    also_migrate_nj (0.3.6) Migrate multiple tables with similar schema at once.
  8. 330 downloads
    alsotang (0.0.1) the first gem published by alsotang
  9. 3,309 downloads
    also_validates (0.0.2) An ActiveModel validator that validates associated models, copying any errors from composed model...
  10. 18,014 downloads
    als_typograf (0.3.0) Ruby client for ArtLebedevStudio.RemoteTypograf service
  11. 4,332 downloads
    alt159-rails (0.0.3) Easily Add ALT159 to a rails app
  12. 253 downloads
    altcoin (0.0.1) A Ruby Library for dealing with crypto currencies, inspired and based off of the Money gem.
  13. 3,091 downloads
    alter (0.0.2) Enforce structure by moving content filters to easy-to-write processor classes
  14. 879 downloads
    alter_admin (0.0.7) Simple admin panel generator with inherited resources, has_scope, datatables for Rails 4
  15. 7,562 downloads
    altered_views ( Altered views allows one to inherit views from pluged in engines and extend them by operating on ...
  16. 4,607 downloads
    alterego (0.0.4) AlterEgo is a Ruby gem for integrating two-factor authentication into your web application.
  17. 8,413 downloads
    alter-ego (1.0.1) AlterEgo is a Ruby implementation of the State pattern as described by the Gang of Four. It diff...
  18. 6,082 downloads
    alter-ego-activerecord (0.1.2) Adapter to allow ActiveRecord to persist and restore state of objects using the AlterEgo state ma...
  19. 3,786 downloads
    alter-ego-mongoid (0.1.3) Adapter to allow Mongoid to persist and restore state of objects using the AlterEgo state machine...
  20. 953 downloads
    alter_form_images (0.0.2) More perfect decision for loading image in form with preview
  21. 2,182 downloads
    alternate-folder (0.2.0) Quickly switch to pre-defined remote folders with one command.
  22. 1,665 downloads
    alternator (0.0.2) Alternator generates alternative wrapper scripts; it helps you stubbing executed files.
  23. 1,371 downloads
    alterpath (0.2.0) Alterpath allows you to alter the system PATH on Windows in a flexible manner
  24. 6,503 downloads
    altflights (0.0.3) Kayak alternative flights wrapper
  25. 3,318 downloads
    alt-foreman (0.0.3) Lightweight procfile runner
  26. 11,333 downloads
    althor880-activerecord-activesalesforce-adapter (2.3.7) ActiveSalesforce (ASF) is a Rails connection adapter that provides direct access to
  27. 3,143 downloads
    altimeter (0.2.0) A tool to measure the tone or attitude of a body of text.
  28. 787 downloads
    altipsum (0.0.1) Random Sentences generator from Bram's Book
  29. 1,709 downloads
    altly-jammit (0.6.0) Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both the CS...
  30. 3,278 downloads
    altly-jammit-s3 ( Jammit-S3 is an extension to the awesome Jammit library that handles deployment to s3 and clo...