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  1. 15,608 downloads
    alacarte (0.0.9) This Rails plugin allows you to create a menu system, using a dsl (similar to routes).
  2. 49,982 downloads
    a_la_chart (0.1.10) A framework for managing various types of charting implementations.
  3. 11,458 downloads
    alacit (1.0.1) Quickly convert entire directories of APE, FLAC, and WAV files to Apple Lossless (ALAC) for impor...
  4. 394 downloads
    alacrity (1.0.0) Web Page Scraper written in Ruby - Extracts any viable HTML DOM elements specified using CSS sele...
  5. 1,878 downloads
    alacrity_client (0.0.1) Gem provides synch and async calls for getting a players rank and updating a players rank
  6. 9,218 downloads
    aladdin (0.2) Parses the lesson files and launches a preview site.
  7. 1,469 downloads
    aladin-books (0.1.0) aladin-books is the ruby wrapper of Aladin Search API.
  8. 397 downloads
    aladtec (0.0.1) Retrieve schedules and events from the Aladtec API. Works with EMS Manager, Fire Manager, Zanager.
  9. 2,466 downloads
    alain_toolbox (0.0.3) List of little scripts I keep using from one projec to another
  10. 2,805 downloads
    alakazam (0.4.5) Alakazam provides methods to observe all your things.
  11. 850 downloads
    alan (0.0.1) DSL for creating and running different automations
  12. 1,974 downloads
    alancse-aws-s3 (0.4.1) Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API
  13. 1,917 downloads
    alancse-friendly_id (2.0.1) A comprehensive slugging and pretty-URL plugin for Ruby on Rails.
  14. 536 downloads
    alandipert-pony (0.3.4) The express way to send mail from Ruby.
  15. 370 downloads
    alandipert-ruby-aaws (0.7.2) Ruby interface to Amazon Associates Web Services
  16. 350 downloads
    alanho-typhoeus_oauth (0.1.0) Bridging OAuth and Typhoeus
  17. 188 downloads
    alanj-alanj-mass_assignment_test_helper (0.0.1) Mass Assignment Test Helper helps you test your activerecord models for mass assignment vulnerabi...
  18. 709 downloads
    alanj-shoulda_extras (0.0.5) A set of extra helpers for shoulda
  19. 1,869 downloads
    alarm_it (0.0.0) Associate alarms to any model
  20. 2,263 downloads
    alatesta (0.0.0) none
  21. 113,932 downloads
    albacore (2.0.16) Easily build your .Net or Mono project using this collection of Rake tasks. Albacore assi...
  22. 2,230 downloads
    albacore-deployment (0.1.0) Easily deploy your .NET solutions with Ruby and Rake, using this suite of Rake tasks.
  23. 1,079 downloads
    albanpeignier-alsa-backup (0.0.7) ALSA client to perform continuous recording
  24. 176 downloads
    albanpeignier-geokit-rails (1.1.0) Geo distance calculations, distance calculation query support, geocoding for physical and ip addr...
  25. 1,203 downloads
    albanpeignier-gepetto (0.0.7) A helper suite for Puppet projects to create, manage and help daily development More information...
  26. 183 downloads
    albanpeignier-munin (0.0.1) The munin gem provides a base class to create munin plugins in ruby.
  27. 908 downloads
    albanpeignier-rake-debian-build (1.0.5) Rake tasks to build debian packages
  28. 176 downloads
    albanpeignier-ruby-managesieve (0.3.1) ruby-managesieve is a pure-ruby implementation of the MANAGESIEVE protocol, allowing remote manag...
  29. 185 downloads
    albanpeignier-searchapi (0.1) Ruby on Rails plugin which purpose is to let the developper define Search APIs for ActiveRecord m...
  30. 187 downloads
    albanpeignier-system-builder (0.0.2) FIX (describe your package)