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  1. 210 downloads
    akitaonrails-dry_scaffold (0.3.3) A DRYer scaffold generator for Rails. Generates dry semantic and standards compliant views, and d...
  2. 3,105 downloads
    akitaonrails-locarails (1.2.0) A maneira mais simples para instalar aplicacoes Rails na hospedagem Linux da Locaweb.
  3. 834 downloads
    akitaonrails-lw-pagto-certo (0.0.5) Integração para o serviço Pagamento Certo, da Locaweb.
  4. 210 downloads
    akitaonrails-mygist (0.0.1) encapsulates Gist operations in a library
  5. 426 downloads
    akitaonrails-resource_controller (0.5.3) Rails RESTful controller abstraction plugin.
  6. 4,435 downloads
    akitaonrails-shift_subtitle (1.1.1) Easy way to shift time from your SRT subtitle files.
  7. 3,173 downloads
    akitaonrails-utility_belt (1.0.13) A grab-bag of IRB power user madness. -- now with linux
  8. 3,673 downloads
    aki-testrocket (0.0.3) A super lightweight testing library for Ruby
  9. 1,755 downloads
    akiva (0.1.1) Akiva is a simple natural language processing, question-answering artificial intelligence. It is ...
  10. 9,375 downloads
    akka (0.0.5) Interface for concurrency in jruby
  11. 7,056 downloads
    akka-actor-jars (2.2.1-java) Akka Actors JARs from
  12. 4,145 downloads
    akka-remote-jars ( This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  13. 14,090 downloads
    akki (0.0.62) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  14. 5,557 downloads
    akkordarbeit (0.0.5) Akkordarbeit is a program for formatting simple leadsheets in a simplified ChordPro format to var...
  15. 215 downloads
    aklaiber-mail (0.1.2) Mail Parsing lib
  16. 1,252 downloads
    akm-selectable_attr (0.3.7) selectable_attr generates extra methods dynamically for attribute which has options
  17. 1,255 downloads
    akm-selectable_attr_rails (0.3.7) selectable_attr_rails makes possible to use selectable_attr in rails application
  18. 6,944 downloads
    akpurge (0.1.5) Basic Sinatra app to execute an akamai purge
  19. 1,894 downloads
    akqa-jenkins ( A suite of utilities for bringing continous integration to your projects (not the other way aroun...
  20. 213 downloads
    akr-depq (0.1) depq is a Double-Ended Priority Queue library. It is a data structure which can insert elements a...
  21. 208 downloads
    akshayrawat-rmotion (0.0.1) RMotion is a ruby library which allows you to read the output of Sudden Motion Sensors on your Ap...
  22. 6,513 downloads
    aktion_cap (0.1.3) Contains all require deployment gems, recipes and rake tasks
  23. 11,841 downloads
    aktion_test (0.3.1) Contains all required testing gems as well as some rake tasks and test helpers to make getting a ...
  24. 7,534 downloads
    aktion_test_rails (0.3.0) Subproject of aktion_test, adding rails versions of gems, libraries and rake tasks.
  25. 1,748 downloads
    akubra_llstore_migrate (0.0.1-java) REQUIRES FCREPO 3.4+
  26. 675 downloads
    akupchanko-astrails-safe (0.3.1) Astrails-Safe is a simple tool to backup databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL), Subversion repositorie...
  27. 2,265 downloads
    akzhan-premailer (1.5.5) Improve the rendering of HTML emails by making CSS inline, converting links and warning about uns...
  28. 15,851 downloads
    alacarte (0.0.9) This Rails plugin allows you to create a menu system, using a dsl (similar to routes).
  29. 50,550 downloads
    a_la_chart (0.1.10) A framework for managing various types of charting implementations.
  30. 11,642 downloads
    alacit (1.0.1) Quickly convert entire directories of APE, FLAC, and WAV files to Apple Lossless (ALAC) for impor...