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  1. 3,046 downloads
    akitaonrails-locarails (1.2.0) A maneira mais simples para instalar aplicacoes Rails na hospedagem Linux da Locaweb.
  2. 816 downloads
    akitaonrails-lw-pagto-certo (0.0.5) Integração para o serviço Pagamento Certo, da Locaweb.
  3. 205 downloads
    akitaonrails-mygist (0.0.1) encapsulates Gist operations in a library
  4. 419 downloads
    akitaonrails-resource_controller (0.5.3) Rails RESTful controller abstraction plugin.
  5. 4,431 downloads
    akitaonrails-shift_subtitle (1.1.1) Easy way to shift time from your SRT subtitle files.
  6. 3,157 downloads
    akitaonrails-utility_belt (1.0.13) A grab-bag of IRB power user madness. -- now with linux
  7. 3,669 downloads
    aki-testrocket (0.0.3) A super lightweight testing library for Ruby
  8. 1,747 downloads
    akiva (0.1.1) Akiva is a simple natural language processing, question-answering artificial intelligence. It is ...
  9. 9,362 downloads
    akka (0.0.5) Interface for concurrency in jruby
  10. 7,047 downloads
    akka-actor-jars (2.2.1-java) Akka Actors JARs from
  11. 4,140 downloads
    akka-remote-jars ( This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  12. 14,068 downloads
    akki (0.0.62) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  13. 5,553 downloads
    akkordarbeit (0.0.5) Akkordarbeit is a program for formatting simple leadsheets in a simplified ChordPro format to var...
  14. 211 downloads
    aklaiber-mail (0.1.2) Mail Parsing lib
  15. 1,228 downloads
    akm-selectable_attr (0.3.7) selectable_attr generates extra methods dynamically for attribute which has options
  16. 1,232 downloads
    akm-selectable_attr_rails (0.3.7) selectable_attr_rails makes possible to use selectable_attr in rails application
  17. 6,935 downloads
    akpurge (0.1.5) Basic Sinatra app to execute an akamai purge
  18. 1,891 downloads
    akqa-jenkins ( A suite of utilities for bringing continous integration to your projects (not the other way aroun...
  19. 209 downloads
    akr-depq (0.1) depq is a Double-Ended Priority Queue library. It is a data structure which can insert elements a...
  20. 204 downloads
    akshayrawat-rmotion (0.0.1) RMotion is a ruby library which allows you to read the output of Sudden Motion Sensors on your Ap...
  21. 6,499 downloads
    aktion_cap (0.1.3) Contains all require deployment gems, recipes and rake tasks
  22. 11,814 downloads
    aktion_test (0.3.1) Contains all required testing gems as well as some rake tasks and test helpers to make getting a ...
  23. 7,517 downloads
    aktion_test_rails (0.3.0) Subproject of aktion_test, adding rails versions of gems, libraries and rake tasks.
  24. 1,745 downloads
    akubra_llstore_migrate (0.0.1-java) REQUIRES FCREPO 3.4+
  25. 673 downloads
    akupchanko-astrails-safe (0.3.1) Astrails-Safe is a simple tool to backup databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL), Subversion repositorie...
  26. 2,263 downloads
    akzhan-premailer (1.5.5) Improve the rendering of HTML emails by making CSS inline, converting links and warning about uns...
  27. 15,828 downloads
    alacarte (0.0.9) This Rails plugin allows you to create a menu system, using a dsl (similar to routes).
  28. 50,496 downloads
    a_la_chart (0.1.10) A framework for managing various types of charting implementations.
  29. 11,623 downloads
    alacit (1.0.1) Quickly convert entire directories of APE, FLAC, and WAV files to Apple Lossless (ALAC) for impor...
  30. 421 downloads
    alacrity (1.0.0) Web Page Scraper written in Ruby - Extracts any viable HTML DOM elements specified using CSS sele...