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  1. 1,206 downloads
    ais_base (0.0.1) Lorem ipsum generator
  2. 400 downloads
    aishafenton-hysteresis_filters (0.1.6) A collection of simple decision filters which have the Hysteresis property
  3. 3,797 downloads
    aislefinder (0.0.02) Allows you to find the aisle for groceries per your local super market.
  4. 10,033 downloads
    aitch (0.3.0) A simple HTTP client
  5. 18,061 downloads
    ait_connect ( Write a gem description
  6. 792 downloads
    aitor-tog_social (0.1.3) Tog social
  7. 604 downloads
    aiwilliams-dataset (1.3.1) A simple API for creating and finding sets of data in your database, built on ActiveRecord.
  8. 1,966 downloads
    aiwilliams-mlist (0.1.8) A Ruby mailing list library designed to be integrated into other applications.
  9. 211 downloads
    aiwilliams-oink (0.1.0) Log parser to identify actions which significantly increase VM heap size
  10. 407 downloads
    aiwilliams-plugit (0.0.2) Helping you write tests for code that depends on libraries
  11. 2,146 downloads
    aizuchi (1.0.0) Collect instant feedback into Redmine
  12. 1,258 downloads
    ajar (0.1.0) Uses Ajar's API to insert public URIs in place of local APIs for Facebook Open Graph connections.
  13. 1,262 downloads
    ajaw (0.0.2) Item Manager
  14. 45,975 downloads
    ajax (1.1.7) Augment a traditional Rails application with a completely AJAX frontend, while transparently hand...
  15. 19,752 downloads
    ajaxboxlogin (0.0.12) AjaxBoxLogin is a small gem that generates the Rails 3 view partial, stylesheet and javascript ne...
  16. 20,209 downloads
    ajax-cat (2.1.0) computer-aided translation backed by machine translation
  17. 25,915 downloads
    ajax-chosen-rails (0.2.3) Chosen is a javascript library of select box enhancer for jQuery and Protoype. This gem integrate...
  18. 3,637 downloads
    ajaxcrud (1.0.0) Creates complete scaffolds using ajax to create, edit and destroy on the same page. Also includes...
  19. 11,838 downloads
    ajax-datatables-rails (0.2.0) A gem that simplifies using datatables and hundreds of records via ajax
  20. 69,636 downloads
    ajaxful_rating ( Provides a simple way to add rating functionality to your application.
  21. 3,436 downloads
    ajaxful_rating_jquery (2.2.9) Provides a simple way to add rating functionality to your application. This is a fork of ajaxful_...
  22. 3,371 downloads
    ajax_grid_generator (0.5.0) Generates Rails code implementing an Ajax based CRUD grid for a single table.
  23. 47,584 downloads
    ajaxify_rails (0.9.6) Automatically makes your Rails app loading content in the background via ajax. Works by turning a...
  24. 27,547 downloads
    ajaxlibs (0.1.12) ajaxlibs provides helpers to load various javascript libraries, specifying version number, locall...
  25. 1,836 downloads
    ajaxmanager-rails (3.12) Ajaxmanager (by Alexander Farkas) packaged as a gem for Rails. Ajaxmanager helps you to manage AJ...
  26. 4,026 downloads
    ajax_nested_form (0.0.3) Add and remove nested model fields dynamically through JavaScript using jQuery for Rails 3.1+ wit...
  27. 24,246 downloads
    ajax_pagination (0.6.5) Loads page content into AJAX sections with AJAX links, handling the details for you, load content...
  28. 573 downloads
    ajax_render (0.0.1) Rails plugin to render partial view by ajax
  29. 3,050 downloads
    ajax_scaffold (1.0.0) This is the generator for a Ruby on Rails framework, that creates scaffold for AJAX applications.
  30. 51,445 downloads
    ajax_scaffold_generator (3.1.11) Ajax scaffold generator is a rails generator for ajaxified scaffolds