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Reverse dependencies for danger-plugin-api Latest version of the following gems require danger-plugin-api

danger-xcode_summary 0.5.2

Show formatted xcodebuild output in your PRs.

1,054,219 下載

danger-todoist 2.0.1

A danger plugin for spotting introduced todos.

928,578 下載

danger-android_lint 0.0.8

A Danger plugin for Android Lint

887,664 下載

danger-checkstyle_format 0.1.1

Danger plugin for checkstyle formatted xml file.

620,990 下載

danger-commit_lint 0.0.7

A Danger Plugin that ensures nice and tidy commit messages.

459,770 下載

danger-swiftformat 0.7.0

A danger plugin for checking Swift formatting using SwiftFormat.

429,691 下載

danger-lgtm 1.1.1

Let danger say LGTM!

425,913 下載

danger-jira 0.6.0

A Danger plugin to link JIRA issues to a pull request.

400,375 下載

danger-auto_label 1.3.1

A simple auto labeler for issue or PR. Made by Danger plugin.

293,957 下載

danger-changelog 0.6.1

A plugin that is OCD about your CHANGELOG.

188,962 下載

danger-simplecov_json 0.3.0

Report your Ruby app test suite code coverage with Danger.

167,443 下載

danger-textlint 2.0.1

Danger plugin for textlint.

159,192 下載

danger-slather 0.0.6

Danger plugin to Slather code coverage framework

150,977 下載

danger-xcodebuild 0.0.6

Exposes warnings, errors and test results.

130,041 下載

danger-kotlin_detekt 0.0.3

A short description of danger-kotlin_detekt.

123,549 下載

danger-eslint 0.1.5

A Danger plugin for linting javascript with eslint.

94,835 下載

danger-the_coding_love 0.0.9

Prints markdown containing a random post from

86,349 下載

danger-apkanalyzer 0.0.1

A Danger plugin for apkanalyzer.

78,251 下載

danger-apkstats 0.3.1

To inspect android application file with danger.

77,205 下載

danger-welcome_message 0.0.1

A danger plugin for greeting new members.

71,319 下載

danger-findbugs 0.0.8

A short description of danger-findbugs.

68,831 下載

danger-slack 0.0.3

Notify danger reports to slack.

65,443 下載

danger-jacoco 0.1.6

A short description of danger-jacoco.

60,909 下載

danger-ios_logs 0.1.2

Danger plugin to detect any NSLog/print entries left in the code

60,051 下載

danger-checkstyle_reports 0.1.0

To report checkstyle results via danger.

50,441 下載

danger-lock_dependency_versions 0.0.3

A Danger plugin to check files which should be committed.

47,538 下載

danger-conflict_checker 0.0.3

Warn about the conflict between PRs.

38,999 下載

danger-pep8 0.0.5

A Danger plugin for Python's PEP 8.

37,424 下載

danger-warnings_next_generation 1.0.0

Danger plugin to for Jenkins-Warnings-Next-Generation plugin.

34,732 下載

danger-ktlint 0.0.3

Lint kotlin files using ktlint command line interface.

32,383 下載

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