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Dependencias inversas para danger Latest version of the following gems require danger

sshkit 1.21.2

A comprehensive toolkit for remotely running commands in a structured manner on groups ...

37.618.911 Descargas

capistrano-bundler 2.0.1

Bundler support for Capistrano 3.x

27.766.896 Descargas

doorkeeper 5.5.2

Doorkeeper is an OAuth 2 provider for Rails and Grape.

27.073.828 Descargas

capistrano-rails 1.6.1

Rails specific Capistrano tasks

18.410.659 Descargas

danger-plugin-api 1.0.0

An empty gem, which provides a SemVer link for the Danger plugin API.

8.896.556 Descargas

capistrano-rbenv 2.2.0

rbenv integration for Capistrano

7.146.998 Descargas

danger-gitlab 8.0.0

Stop Saying 'You Forgot To…' in Code Review with GitLab

3.820.567 Descargas

danger-swiftlint 0.29.4

A Danger plugin for linting Swift with SwiftLint.

3.809.099 Descargas

gitlab-dangerfiles 2.3.0

This gem provides common Dangerfile and plugins for GitLab projects.

2.685.636 Descargas

danger-junit 1.0.2

Get automatic inline test reporting for JUnit-conforming XML files.

1.979.913 Descargas

fastlane_core 1.0.0

Contains all shared code/dependencies of the

1.951.767 Descargas

danger-xcov 0.5.0

Danger plugin to validate the code coverage of the files changed.

1.720.960 Descargas

capistrano-maintenance 1.2.1

Maintenance Support for Capistrano 3

1.432.492 Descargas

danger-rubocop 0.9.5

A Danger plugin for running Ruby files through Rubocop.

918.949 Descargas

danger-prose 2.0.7

A danger plugin for working with bodies of markdown prose.

169.402 Descargas

chandler 0.9.0

Syncs CHANGELOG entries to GitHub's release notes

152.359 Descargas

netsoft-danger 0.4.4

Packages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger.

138.537 Descargas

danger-duplicate_localizable_strings 0.3.0

A danger plugin for checking detecting duplicates in Localizable.strings files.

117.686 Descargas

danger-regexp 1.0.1

A danger plugin to add a comment based on regexp

110.019 Descargas

danger-suggester 0.1.0

A Danger plug-in to suggest code changes through inline comments in pull requests.

76.072 Descargas

ruby-grape-danger 0.2.0

Packages a Dangerfile to be used with Danger for projects within the Ruby Grape community.

61.994 Descargas

danger-review_requests 1.0.1

A danger plug-in to request review in pull requests.

55.405 Descargas

shuttlerock_shared_config 0.2.32

Update shared config for Shuttlerock's projects.

39.311 Descargas

danger-mention 0.6.1

Danger plugin to automatically mention potential reviewers on pull requests.

38.778 Descargas

ios_icon_generator 0.1.3

Generates icons based and apply masks to them easily.

36.538 Descargas

thefuntasty_danger 0.7.0

Danger configuration used at Futured, currently mainly for iOS development

35.067 Descargas

danger-shiphawk-plugin 1.0.8

A Danger plugin for running Ruby files through Rubocop.

32.738 Descargas

json_schema-faker 0.6.1

generate fake data from json schema

13.802 Descargas

pantograph 0.1.22

A way to automate your apps, forked from Fastlane

11.267 Descargas

danger-brakeman_scanner 0.1.1

A Danger plugin for running Ruby files through Brakeman.

11.134 Descargas

Total de descargas 24.493.575

Para esta versión 1.414.676

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